Five Tips on How to Cope With Anxiety Each Morning

Five Tips on How to Cope With Anxiety Each Morning

Five Tips on How to Cope With Anxiety Each Morning

Do you suffer from anxiety in the morning?  Do you often wake up for the day feeling anxious about what's ahead?  Whether you are struggling to deal with work responsibilities, family tasks, homemaking chores, or even just everyday life, morning anxiety can cripple your start to each and every day.  As specialists in anxiety therapy in Winter Park, we understand the struggles that managing anxiety may place on your life.  There are a few tips that you can use to help you cope with morning anxiety and start your day feeling positive about what's ahead.

Practice Breathing Exercises

One way to quell your anxiety each morning is to practice meditation and breathing exercises.  By taking deep breaths and focusing on your body, you can release some of the tension and stress that is built up throughout the night.  Practicing these exercises each day can help you cope in the long run.

Keep Your Home Clean

Sometimes a cluttered house can cause a cluttered mind.  Take some time to take care of your household with the basic cleaning procedures each day.  Put dishes away, stow garbage where it belongs, hang up your clean clothes, and make your bed.  These small chores can allow you to start each day feeling reenergized without needing to focus on the negativity surrounding a messy home.

Follow a Morning Routine

Establish a morning routine that works for you.  This can involve waking up at a similar time each day, starting with coffee in your favorite spot, or reading a new book.  It can also involve working out or taking some time to watch the news.  Make sure to carve out time for whatever you enjoy in the morning, and do this each day.

Get Outside in the Morning

Getting fresh air is another great way to cope with anxiety.  If you are feeling overwhelmed when you wake up in the morning, take a walk around your neighborhood or go sit at a local park.  The fresh air will help you clear your mind of any negative thoughts, which will provide you with a great start to the rest of your day.

Journal Each Morning

Writing down your thoughts can help you cope with negativities or stresses that may come up each day.  Take some time for yourself and keep a daily journal.  Consider responding to prompts or simply free write to express your feelings each and every day.  This will allow you to reflect on your emotions and come to terms with them before the day begins.

These are a few strategies you can use to cope with anxiety in the morning.  When you work with our counselors in anxiety therapy in Winter Park, you will learn strategies and coping mechanisms that are tailored to your lifestyle.  Working with us will provide you with the ability to feel refreshed each morning and ready to tackle the day ahead of you.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with our anxiety counselors today.

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