Five Habits that Can Cause Anxiety

Five Habits that Can Cause Anxiety

Five Habits that Can Cause Anxiety

Many of us have habits that trigger anxiety.  Over time, these habits can worsen and creative negative thought patterns.  It is best to work on curbing these habits before they have devastating effects on your mental health.  Anxiety counseling in Orlando can help you recognize these habits so that you can learn how to decrease these behaviors and cope with your anxiety.  Here are a few common habits that cause anxiety.

Being Addicted to Your Phone

Many of us are addicted to using our phones.  In fact, most people keep their phones within an arm's reach.  This can have negative effects on your mental health.  The alerts and sounds coming from your phone can easily agitate or distract you from other necessary tasks.  Over time, this can trigger your anxiety and cause you to develop negative thought patterns.

Sitting Down Too Long

Those who work at desk jobs may struggle with finding the time to stand or move around.  This causes a lack of exercise, which attributes to anxiety.  Those who have difficult moving throughout the day should try to implement small movements by standing when they can, taking the stairs, and walking to work if possible.


Whenever you allow many tasks to pile up, you can become anxious about all the things you still need to accomplish.  This can cause anxiety to take a toll on your mental health, by constantly reminding you of those tasks.  Simple tasks, like unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry, or sending an email, should be dealt with as they arise.  This will help clear the physical and mental clutter that can cause negative thoughts.

Snoozing Away

If you frequently hit the snooze button in the morning, this can lead to anxiety.  By doing this, you are actually interrupting the natural and necessary natural sleep cycle, which can make it difficult to engage in quality sleep.  Trouble sleeping can develop, which can then impact your energy, thoughts, and emotions throughout the day.

Always Running Late

If you are someone who is perpetually late to work, events, or appointments, you may also be triggering your anxiety.  Rushing around can cause a sense of urgency that can be easily avoided.  This can lead to anxiety and other negative thought patterns.  Always being in a rush can also cause an increase in stress.

These are just five of the common habits that can cause anxiety and create negative thought patterns.  Many of our actions can then become easy to replicate and integrate into our lives, which can have crippling effects.  Start by first recognizing these habits so that you can decrease their frequency.  Our anxiety counseling in Orlando can help you begin this process to relieving and coping with your anxiety.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced professionals. 

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