Five Common Techniques Used in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Five Common Techniques Used in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Five Common Techniques Used in Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Are you suffering from negative thought patterns, unproductive thoughts, issues in your daily life, or frequent worrying?  Cognitive behavior therapy is a great way to help turn some of the negative thought patterns into positive messages.  This can improve the quality of your lifestyle by ridding yourself of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, and more.  Reframing your thoughts is an integral part of cognitive behavior therapy at Orlando Thrive Therapy.  There are a few techniques that are commonly used in this therapy practice.

Guided Discovery

Whenever you are in therapy, your therapists will first begin by understanding your viewpoint and struggle.  Understanding where you are coming from is critical in broadening your mindset and growing.  You will be encouraged to see things from other perspectives in an attempt to open your mind to new ideas.  They will guide you through these viewpoints by helping you choose other paths and challenge your thinking.

Exposure Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy also requires you to confront certain issues in your life, like fears or avoidances.  Over time, your therapist will encourage you to cope with challenging aspects of your life.  They will provoke you with your fear or anxiety in hopes to teach you to cope while you are in the safe place.  This way, when you encounter these issues in a real-world setting, you will be prepared to handle the situation properly.

Thought Records

Those who suffer from negative thoughts, anxiety, and frequent worrying may be encouraged to keep a journal or daily record.  They will be told to record moments where they feel uneasy or they have those negative thought patterns.  By journaling, you will be able to access the emotions you are feeling even after the moment has passed.  You can also keep track of your successes and small victories along the way.

Stress Reduction Exercises

When you are in cognitive behavior therapy, you will be taught different relaxation techniques that can help you cope.  Exercises such as muscle relaxation and imagery practices will help you relieve stress and increase your self-control during uncomfortable situations.  These are helpful to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, and other stressful situations.  

Role Playing

Another popular technique involved in cognitive behavior therapy is role playing.  When you are in a counseling session with your therapist, they will engage in role playing scenarios that can improve your real-life social skills.  This is great for those who want to improve social skills, gain confidence, and improve their communication with others.

These are five techniques common to cognitive behavior therapy.  These techniques aim to reframe your negative thoughts so that you can improve your lifestyle.  If you are suffering from unproductive thought patterns, issues in your daily life, negative thinking, or halted productivity in life, you may want to consider cognitive behavior therapy.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our qualified and experienced professional counselors. 

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