Dealing With Anxiety Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Dealing With Anxiety

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Dealing With Anxiety

What is SFBT?

Solution-focused brief therapy is an Orlando counseling approach that can help individuals dealing with anxiety after a life change, relationship sin need of repair, and entire families dealing with a variety of mental health concerns. Overall, SFBT can assist individuals in improving their quality of life by focusing on the organic and natural strengths that they already possess. It is designed to work quickly and laser focus on a specific issue you are having. Let's say you are dealing with anxiety because of a recent change in your life or dealing with anxiety after a break-up. These are two great examples of when you might seek SFBT counseling in Orlando.

What to Expect?

Goal setting is a huge component of any counseling experience. This is especially true for solution-focused brief therapy because it is a way for you to identify and clarify the goals that you have for yourself, relationship, and or entire family. From this approach, you are able to learn new ways of opening your mind to creative processing and thinking in order to develop a clearer plan that ultimately leads to more effective solutions to issues.

You may not be wanting to spend a long time in counseling, but focus only on dealing with anxiety after a major life change. SFBT Orlando counseling helps you find “exceptions” in situations. This gives you structure and steps towards better ways of managing anxiety after a recent event or any presenting problem.

How Exactly Does SFBT Orlando Counseling Work?

SFBT teaches you how to become in control of your own life again. It focuses on your personal virtues, such as your strength, courage, integrity, and compassion and uses those virtues, that have been effective in the past, to help you get through hard times that may be occurring now or you expect to in the future. Individuals, couples, and families are taught to focus on what they know they can do and what they know has worked in the past rather than what they can’t or what hasn’t worked for them. This type of anxiety therapy is a great means for creating the desired positive change that you may be looking for and does so in a shorter time period.

How Effective is SFBT?

Research indicates that the techniques used in solution-focused brief therapy can be both very effective and helpful with a wide variety of mental health concerns. Particularly recent events that may have impacted your mental health, such a dealing with anxiety after a break-up, job change, move, or more. One of the reasons it is so effective is because of the emphasis that is placed on one’s own autonomy. SFBT Orlando counseling believes that you have the potential and skills to make the changes that you want in your life which creates a goal-oriented mindset and a willingness to work towards achieving those desired outcomes that you are striving for. Ultimately, it can help you start to identify small attainable steps towards better managing and, eventually, eliminating the problem and begin seeing how things can be positively different shifting from a problem-saturated mindset to a more solution-focused perspective.


If you or someone you know is struggling with a recent change in life or dealing with anxiety after a recent change, have them give one of our expert Orlando counselors a call. We can help them move through this phase of life quickly with Orlando counseling Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

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