Coaches: Forty Individuals in One

Coaches: Forty Individuals in One

Coaches: Forty Individuals in One

Coaching in sports is both unique and fluid. Unique because a coach is looked at as a scholar of the sport passing on knowledge. Fluid because there is no standard framework for being a coach. However, if you are a coach, how are you able to coach a group of athletes to work together for a common goal while making sure each individual athlete is receiving the proper care, attention, and direction needed to elevate their game?

It is for this reason that coaches are among the highest population to seek sports counselors for advice on how to be the best coach from their natural ability. Being a coach means having athletes looking to you for guidance and support during pivotal moments in their athletic careers. The duty is passed as that you need to be able to adjust and maintain the ability to work with any athlete on any level on any given day.

This alone cause coaches to develop high levels of stress, anxiety, and worry that they will not be able to meet the expectations of their athletes and families, organizations, and even fans. The way to be a successful coach is by investing in each of your athletes as an individual instead of as a working cog in the team framework.

Investing this effort and energy into each individual athlete allows the athlete to gain confidence, trust, and a positive framework of their mind to be able to perform for you and the team. What does investing in this energy look like?

If a coach has approximately thirty to thirty-five athletes on their roster, then the coach needs thirty to thirty-five coaching styles to be condensed into a two-hour practice and game. One of the hardest struggles coaches face is the idea that their framework is a framework that athletes need to adapt too. In actuality, when a coach adapts and invests into the athlete, the athlete reciprocates this with higher performance levels and that adaption into the coach’s framework.

This pattern remains constant as long as the coach is able continuously have an individual coaching style for each athlete on their roster. There are techniques such as self-affirmations, addressing athlete needs, and a mental mindset a coach can adapt to do such coaching but ultimately stems from the coach wanting to connect with the athlete on that deeper level for the purpose of athlete development and success.

A coach who is able to be forty different coaches in one person, in turn, is a successful, impactful, and positive coach on the athlete and the sport.

Be proud of yourself.

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