Career Anxiety

Career Anxiety

Career Anxiety

Feeling anxiety about work, having trouble finding a work-life balance, and struggling with motivation to work, can all be signs that it is time to seek help through anxiety counseling. Having anxiety about work or finding the right career can be very hard to manage. You may even find yourself with a lack of desire to go to work,  or avoiding your job due to anxiety or stress. Feeling like this may even be your "new norm" and something you have come to accept is settling for less than you deserve. Here are some points to consider when you're starting to get in this negative anxiety mindset loop.

Having anxiety at work or in your career may even feel like a familiar friend in your life which you are no stranger to anymore. It can be centralized in many different things. In recent times, anxiety has spiked when it came to careers and pursuing job opportunities. This has created career anxiety which is characterized by anxious tendencies, nervousness, worries, and other related symptoms to obtaining, finding, or working employment.

What is Career Anxiety?

If you are experiencing career anxiety, perhaps you are overthinking the simplest tasks of your job, wondering if you made the correct decision in starting the current employment, or how your life would be continuing down the current employment path you have. These are just some of the common mental processes that can arise with career anxiety but you can experience anything that can make anxiety around jobs or career a focal point in your life.

How To Cope With Career Anxiety

So the question is how do you cope with career anxiety? How do you work on processing and working through anxiety surrounding your career path? Two ways: internal validation and focusing on things that are in your control. Internal validation is key because it can be easy to start comparing yourself and thinking you are not a standout to your fellow coworkers. You need to be able to take a moment and validate the qualities about yourself that are unique and make you successful at this job that you are currently in. There is a reason why you were hired.  Make it known to you and remind yourself of this routinely.

If you know you are destined for a better job, validate yourself that you deserve to continue striving for your goals and that you will not allow yourself to settle. No more settling! Focus on things that are in your control as well. Focus on each day and each moment as they present themselves. Make a t-chart and focus on putting your mental energy towards the things that you can control. This will clear away overthinking and channel your energy into what needs to be accomplished!

Career Anxiety Counseling

You are amazing and now you need to demonstrate it to yourself! If you need further reassurance or support, contact a career anxiety counselor in Winter Garden or an anxiety therapist in Orlando. Anxiety counseling teaches you tools to develop a healthy mindset and a solid action plan to overcome anxiety. Call or email today for more information or to get started.

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