3 Marriage Counseling Tips To Save A Failing Marriage

3 Marriage Counseling Tips

To Save A Failing Marriage

3 Marriage Counseling Tips

Are you dealing with a spouse who was unfaithful? Do you want to stay together but fight all the time? Is there still love in the relationship but too much hurt to get over? Do you think about leaving your husband but fear being alone or that you will regret ending the relationship? Marriage counseling in Orlando addresses all of these issues and more in with the help of an expert marriage therapist. Marriage counseling is a cheaper solution to divorce when you are at your wit's end, but don’t want to call it quits yet. Learning marriage therapy techniques that can help you get a happier marriage or resolve relationship issues is worth trying first. The skills that expert marriage counselors teach their clients cannot be learned as easily online or through relationship self-help books.  Marriage counseling using specific relationship counseling techniques that have been researched and practiced to provide couples with the best marriage counseling tips to save a failing marriage.


Marriage counselors all too often find that couples struggling have reached a place where they are complaining more than they are asking for what they need.  Spouses become so burnt out or frustrated in a relationship because of arguing all the time, or not feeling supported, that communication fails. When you work with a marriage counselor, you first learn that there are boundaries/rules on how to communicate effectively with your spouse.  You then learn how to follow those guidelines so that you can both begin communicating your needs with one another in a respectful manner, without criticism or contempt.  These communication techniques are often the first marriage therapy techniques that will start you working towards a healthier relationship.


Often when a marriage is in trouble both partners begin to stop respecting boundaries and ignore one another’s requests. This can be as simple as a request to come home at a certain hour or stop leaving wet towels on the floor.  It can be any number of behavior requests that were once endured because it was important to the other spouse. When partners stop caring how their behaviors affect the other person, this leads to hopelessness in a relationship, mistrusting one another, and hurt.  Counseling sessions are geared to rebuilding a zone that puts boundaries back on high importance so that each partner can be accountable for their actions. Respecting boundaries allows each person to show compassion and consideration for each other’s feelings. This, in turn, fosters positive feelings in the relationship again.


Being in a troubled marriage can sometimes begin to numb spouses out to showing admiration and fondness for one another on a regular basis. This act is especially difficult when the relationship is under strain.  The support that spouses feel when they are being acknowledged kindly or admired for behaviors is critical to good marital health. Marriage counseling in Orlando teaches spouses how to repair a broken through healthier communication and respecting boundaries, while also creating a place to be able to notice each other fondly again.  Showing admiration for your spouse is a key element for helping rebuild trust, respect, self-esteem, and positive sentiments. With these key factors in place, having a happy marriage is possible.

Trying these three simple marriage counseling tips to save a failing marriage is a healthy place to start before making drastic decisions about your relationship. Saving your marriage depends on many factors in your relationship that both you and your spouse will have to work on. The relationship success between the two of you will depend on many things. Your willingness to commit to marriage counseling in Orlando together might the first thing that will determine that. You can contact a marriage expert today by calling 407-592-8997 or emailing Orlando Thrive Therapy.

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