Words to Live By For Better Mental Health: Your healing and recovery process

Words to Live By For Better Mental Health: Your healing and recovery process

Words to Live By For Better Mental Health: Your healing and recovery process

The umbrella of mental illness is filled with various kinds of people, with different diagnoses, and quite possibly opposite ways of coping. Though this may differ from person to person, we do share a mutual understanding of how emotionally and physically taxing an invisible illness can be. No one’s process looks quite the same but we can all gain understanding from one another. There are days we feel alone, but we forget the majority of our population is also suffering from a similar illness or symptom.


Here are some powerful messages to help guide you through your mental health journey, whether you’re just beginning or you’re in recovery.

  1. For the self-doubt: “Just because things could’ve been different doesn’t mean they’d be better.”
  2. For the overachievers: “Try not to get lost in the process of achieving what you want and forget what you already have.”
  3. For the confidence: “Your worth is not defined by those who cannot love you.”
  4. For the anxious mind: “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace”.
  5. For the exhausted: “Sometimes being unproductive is more productive.”
  6. For all: “You are not your mental illness. You are not your trauma. You decide what defines you.”

Not all of these messages may resonate with you, or maybe bits and pieces of each provide some insight. That is the beauty of the human mind. Our experiences shape us just as much as those around us, even those that we may not know.


One of our major goals as counselors in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy is to help our clients feel empowered just the way they are. There are aspects to ourselves, our stories, our history that we cannot change. However, we are able to guide those in reframing, restarting and retelling these stories from a new light.

Nothing and no one should dim you as a person. Find peace in the fact that everyone has a different time line and even if yours takes a little longer.

I challenge you to take another look at these phrases. What resonates with you? What are you wanting to tell yourself? Change the wording or concept to find a self-written mantra that belongs to you.


If you or someone you know is having difficulty processing or starting the process of recovery from their mental illness, contact a counselor in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy for mental health therapy today. To speak to the author of this post, contact Mallory.orlandothrivetherapy@gmail.com. Thrive on!

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