Women's Therapy

Women's Therapy

Women's Therapy

Are you a woman living in Orlando experiencing anxiety, life issues, emotional instability, financial pressure, grief, too much workload, premarital pressure, frustration or overall feeling of dissatisfaction with your life and relationship? Do you need help setting boundaries in your personal and emotional life? Did you suffer a trauma that keeps replaying over and over in your head? Do you require medication to cope with everyday activity? These are signs that you need to go for an individual counseling session. You might be wondering how counseling may help, below are few ways speaking to a counselor will help.

  • The effect of therapy persists over the long haul.
  • It will help you change your perception of people and certain events.
  • It equips you to handle future reoccurrence or relapse better.
  • Talking about things gives them shape.

Partaking in an individual counseling session in Orlando will help you handle the following circumstances better;

  • Depression

    This has been defined as that constant feeling of been hopeless, sad, confused, lonely, always in pain, disturbed, disoriented or angry. It is classified as a mood disorder which causes a persistent feeling of sadness and the often-profound loss of interest in things that usually brings you pleasure.

  • Midlife Crisis

    Midlife crisis according to Wikipedia is that transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals between the ages of 45-64. The cause of this is usually brought about by events that highlight a person’s growing age, inevitable mortality, and possibly shortcoming of accomplishment in life. Are you a woman who feels like you are not where you ought to be? Are you unhappy with the decisions you have made so far? This might be an indication that you need to talk to a counselor to help you get a better grip on how to handle this new phase of your life.

  • Postpartum depression

    This is a mild form of depression that is not popular knowledge yet among women but experienced by a lot of them. This is triggered by a combination of factors in the days immediately following childbirth. It’s a condition related to hormonal changes in women that is termed ‘baby blues’. If you are feeling this way, you need to get counseling as soon as possible as this can affect not only you but your relationship with your baby, your baby's development, your relationship with your partner and with other members of your family.

  • Loss and Grief

    Following the loss of a loved one, grieving individuals experience many of the same symptoms of depression. Trouble sleeping, poor appetite, and a loss of pleasure or interest in activities are a typical response to loss. The signs of grief, however, are expected to subside over time. But when symptoms get worse, grief may turn into depression.

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Heather Oller is the owner and founder of Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling. She is a licensed counselor and a family mediator who has over 23 years of dedicated work as a professional in the mental health field. Through her company's mission, she continues to pave the way for future therapists, and their clients, who want a higher quality of life....and who want to thrive, rather than just survive. You can contact Orlando Thrive Therapy at (407) 592-8997 for more information.