The Ins and Outs of Finding The Best Therapist

The Ins and Outs of Finding The Best Therapist

The Ins and Outs of Finding The Best Therapist

As mental health therapists, we are trained on how to connect with our clients in counseling, increase comfort, and find way to guide the therapy session based off of your input as the client and your presenting problem. However, each and every therapist has their own style and skills to bring to the table.


How do you find the right therapist? Your comfort is the number one priority for us. Consider making a list of priorities in relation to your therapy experience.

Do you prioritize someone you can relate to in age?

Do you prioritize a male or female therapist?

Do you prioritize location or price?

Are they a spiritual counselor?

Ask someone who has been in therapy questions about their experience. You may have to make certain sacrifices in these categories to find the best fit. That might mean driving further for a more qualified therapist or paying out of pocket for mental health counseling if you find an expert for your concerns.


A great therapist for you might not be the one you think. While your preferences for age or gender might matter to you when choosing the “ideal” therapist, there might be another way to view it and here’s why.

Mental health counselors are specifically trained on how to be inclusive, understanding and open minded. In a world where we all live in different opinions and lifestyles, most reputable counselors spend extra energy challenging their bias’ to create a judgment free therapy space. Counselors understand that your values are important and they should not impose on you their own values or beliefs. Counselors are trained empaths who want to see you succeed.


Identifying the goals of therapy or how to start can be a challenge at first. Any therapist you choose should want to help you achieve your goals and help you create a realistic plan to do that.

A common issue I hear from friends or colleagues is that the therapist isn’t giving them what they need or not tackling the problem. That can be frustrating. One thing to remember is that therapy is a continued process.

One does not simply benefit from one visit. If you want more to do, or need more homework, or even if the homework is too much, don’t be afraid to tell your therapist or to advocate for yourself. Ask questions! We are more than happy to address these things. We only get an hour to help determine what you need versus your years of living with yourself. The more you give, the more we can give.


Working with specialities is what separates one therapist from another. When you’re searching for your right fit - ask about the population they work with, do some research on methods of therapy and other people’s successes to help narrow what you need. If you don’t know exactly what you need, you can explain that to your therapist as well. We all come from different walks of life and understand that you may not know where to start and that’s okay. Your sessions are specifically directed toward you and what you need.


We at Orlando Thrive Therapy in Orlando have an array of therapists with specialities. We may not all have the same degree and clinical experience, but we all have things within the umbrella of mental health that resonate with us. This can be from our own personal experiences, or what we find in our studies that attracts us. I encourage you to read about your potential therapist in their bio to see if the way they brand themselves is a good fit for the help you’re trying to receive.

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