Teach Your Spouse to do a Better Job of Loving You

Teach Your Spouse to do a Better Job of Loving You

Teach Your Spouse to do a Better Job of Loving You

If you seem to want more from your marriage than your spouse is offering, then it may be time to develop a new skillset. Improving certain skills through relationship therapy in Orlando may be the key to developing a stronger marriage.

  • Be an Encourager

    Your spouse needs to know that you are behind them. Picture a sailboat. If the wind is blowing hard, then the sailboat is moving rapidly through the water. If the wind dies, then the sailboat stops moving. Your words are like the wind. Get behind your spouse by saying inspiring words regularly, and you will see your spouse reach new heights that they do not even think is possible. If, however, you only criticize your spouse, then you will see their speed of improvement in loving you decline rapidly.

  • Be Willing to Give and Take

    You and your spouse need to both be givers and takers. You can think of it like a washing machine filled with dirty laundry. If one of you does all the giving or all the taking, then the load, your marriage, becomes lopsided. Instead, both of you need to give and take to keep the spinner going. Make sure that you are doing your part, then communicate clearly what you need your spouse to do during their turn.

  • Make Them Your Top Priority

    You are like the earth and your spouse is like the sun. Nothing on earth would exist for very long without the sun shining brightly on it. You need to constantly be shining brightly on your spouse by giving them positive regard. Even if you are not a sports fan, you can appreciate that your partner has a passion. Maybe they do not get inspired by the latest cooking trend, but they can still enjoy your enthusiasm when you mention it. Soon you may even discover that you develop even more shared interests that you enjoy doing together simply by being supportive of one another. Make your spouse top priority in your life.

  • Communicate Effectively

    If you have ever gone fishing, then you know that it takes using the right lure placed where the fish will see it to catch the big one. A great angler also knows when the best time to fish is on a regular basis. Communicating in your marriage can be compared to fishing. You need to use the right words directed where your spouse will hear them at the right time to get them to pay attention. Your marriage depends on effective communication, so make sure to become an efficient angler.

None of these skills happen without you constantly working on them. You can improve your skill level by doing relationship counseling in Orlando. Call Orlando Thrive Therapy at 407-592-8997 to begin a relationship tune-up today because you want your marriage to thrive, not just survive. Your marriage will not get stronger without you working on it.

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