Seven of the Most Common Anxiety Triggers

Seven of the Most Common Anxiety Triggers

Seven of the Most Common Anxiety Triggers

When someone suffers from anxiety, they can have a difficult time coping with simple, everyday situations.   Anxiety can not only hinder someone's performance, it may also prevent someone from participating in the first place.  As specialists in anxiety therapy in Orlando, we at Orlando Thrive Therapy help our clients cope with their anxiety so they can have a successful life.  This involves recognizing triggers and strategies to combat them.  Here are seven of the most common anxiety triggers that plague our patients and many others.


Those who take in a lot of caffeine throughout the course of one day can have more anxiety than others.  This is because your body is accustomed to the stimulation, and it can cause social anxiety or panic attacks.  Regulate or cut down your use of caffeine if you find yourself suffering from anxiety after your cup of coffee.


When you change your diet or skip meals, your blood sugar will plummet.  This can cause you to feel anxiety or other aspects of stress. Be sure that you diet properly when you want to lose weight, or else you will suffer from other negative side effects, such as anxiety and stress.

Health Concerns

If you or a loved one has recently received an unfortunate health diagnosis, it can trigger your anxiety.  Diagnoses like cancer or terminal illnesses cause panic and uncertainty, which are emotions that trigger anxiety.  Lean on your loved ones and talk with your physician to manage your treatments.

Negative Thoughts

Anxiety can be triggered by having negative thoughts about yourself, society, or the world around you.  Avoid negative thoughts by trying to remain positive and look for the silver linings in situations.  Also, talk with trusted loved ones or professionals in anxiety therapy in Orlando.

Financial Concerns

Finances are the most common cause of stress in most households.  When you are concerned about your finances, you could trigger your anxiety.  You may experience negative thoughts, like hopelessness or self-doubt.  Keep accurate track of your financial records to avoid this trigger.


Conflict is a very common trigger for those who suffer from anxiety, because it flares up the negative emotions associated with the disorder.  When one is faced with conflict, they may begin to doubt themselves, question their own intentions, or even avoid confrontation entirely.  This could result in a solution that they don't want simply because of their anxiety.


When dealing with stressful situations, many people will realize their anxiety is triggered.  Stress can arise at work, at home, in relationships, in families, in school, and in virtually any place or situation.  Learning how to cope with the stress in your life will help you to quickly resolve your anxiety when you recognize it.

Although anxiety triggers can differ depending on the individual, these are seven of the most common.  By learning your triggers, you will be able to work and strategize on how you can prevent them from creating anxiety.  When your anxiety cripples your ability to function, you may want to consider anxiety therapy in Orlando.  If you are looking to seek help from experts in anxiety therapy, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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Finding the right professional and Orlando counselor can be the key to you finding your peace of mind. Often relief is found from just one session and having the ability to receive feedback and a safe place to talk. Anxiety counseling can help you identify your negative thought patterns and find ways to normalize them. Anxiety counseling can also help you discover your triggers and find ways to cope with them more positively.

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