Seeing Into Anxiety Individual Counseling Orlando

Seeing Into Anxiety

Individual Counseling Orlando

Seeing Into Anxiety

In this two part series, I am educating those new to individual counseling Orlando issues, and new to getting mental health help, on how to better care for and support those suffering from mental illness. In this article I will be focusing on anxiety disorders and those who suffer from them. Consider this a mock Anxiety for Dummies, Mental Health Counselor version.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. While there is one single definition of anxiety, it is felt and coped with in a million different ways. Anxiety can manifest in pain, in depression, in questions, in tears. Every person is different in how anxiety makes them feel and how it impacts their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

How To Overcome Anxiety Symptoms

What people who suffer from anxiety need is support and understanding, and here are some ways to do that:

  1. Take the time to educate yourself about anxiety related disorders, as each is a little different. Read support articles like this one, talk to other people in your life who feel anxiety, perhaps even yourself!
  2. Ask what triggers's the anxious thoughts. If you are unaware, get help through individual counseling Orlando from an anxiety specialist.
  3. Understand that sometimes people with anxiety don't want quick solutions, they just want to be heard or understood.
  4. Practice validation and reassurance of both their feelings and your understanding. "I'm here for you.”
  5. Be patient. Sometimes you have to process your anxiety before you can cope or articulate.
  6. Know that there is no on/off switch, and sometimes it happens at inconvenient times.
  7. Symptoms felt by anxiety vary case by case, person by person. Learn some of the warning signs, and help identify with the other.
  8. Acceptance. Accept yourself or the person you know suffering from anxiety as they are. You can want better for them, as you want that too, but this is something each person has to figure out for themself.
  9. Ask what they need, even if they aren't sure in that moment.
  10. Help challenge their thinking. Sometimes their questions and worries are constant, repetitive or irrational. Bounce those thoughts off of them, be an outside perspective if you're in a capable mindset.
  11. Offer your support, but uphold boundaries.
  12. Be present and listen to them.
  13. And finally, be aware of their goals. Hold them accountable and celebrate the accomplishments, no matter how "small.”

Anxiety Relief Solutions

Feeling supported, understood, heard, are all major components to anxiety. Our minds are both magical and scary places. Encourage your loved ones. If your significant other or loved one is scared of anxiety therapy, suggest couple's therapy. Establish support and unconditional regard for the feelings associated with anxiety.

What Does Anxiety Feel Like?

Anxiety feels like loneliness, and isolation.
Anxiety feels like restless energy, pacing.
Anxiety feels hot and sweaty.
Anxiety feels sad, like crying.
Anxiety feels exhausting, zapping your energy.
Anxiety feels like faking it with a smile.

The range depends on the person, their environment and their current coping strategies. Learn how to use new, healthy coping skills by working with an anxiety counselor and getting help for anxiety.

Anxiety Support

If you or someone you know suffers from anxiety, whether they need better coping or understanding, or perhaps you need a further understanding of what anxiety looks or feels like, contact an anxiety specialist and begin individual counseling Orlando today. You can schedule a consultation with an Orlando counselor at Orlando Thrive Therapy and stop dealing with anxiety alone. To speak with the author of this article, contact Mallory Hawkes, MS, RMHCI at Thrive on!

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