Relationship Therapy Orlando Three ways it can help

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Three ways it can help

Relationship Therapy Orlando

Relationship Therapy Orlando might be your last “all-in” attempt to save your marriage or relationship. My advice is that you make sure you take this seriously. If your marriage is at risk of divorce or your relationship has had more downs than up’s and you aren’t ready to throw in the towel, then this next step shouldn’t be taken lightly. Finding the right relationship help during this critical time could mean the difference between finding out how to save your marriage or deciding to walk away amicably. Take a few minutes to look at the ways a relationship expert can help.


1. Bridging the Communication Gap.

The challenge in most relationships is communication. Relationship therapists should be at the ready on the first meeting to show you simple communication strategies to start using right away.

A trained marriage counselor will break down the negative communication habits and help you replace them with positive ones. This will provide a path for you to begin talking again in more effective ways. Name-calling, silent treatments, criticism, contempt, defensiveness, passive-aggressive tendencies, verbal assaults, and much more are several examples of how a couple needs help communicating better. These negative communication patterns do not allow for problem-solving, vulnerability, or for each partner to feel supported.

Communication is usually the first area which suffers in a relationship, especially when a couple is seeking counseling after an affair, emotional cheating, alcohol use or drug use, or when dealing with an untreated mental health issue. This area is the first place to focus because it will help you identify how capable and willing each of you is to change your negative communication dynamic. When you work with an expert to help you with this you know you have received the best relationship therapy instead of relying on self-help strategies.

2. Reestablishing Trust.

When the relationship has been damaged due to cheating, substance use, or deceit, this creates a very difficult hurdle for most couples to overcome alone. Seeking relationship advice from a therapist is helpful to unpack the damage.

Human beings are programmed to avoid hurt, pain, and suffering. When another person hurts you, the normal responses are to retreat, fight back, or shut that person out. This doesn’t work in a marriage. If you are trying to stay together and avoid divorce after an affair, past hurt, or anything else, you need to make some major changes. Any couple seeking relationship help has to be willing to risk being hurt again. You cannot have a healthy marriage or relationship if you are constantly trying to avoid being hurt, or if you are constantly doing the hurting. You will find out in therapy that secrets kill relationships and if you are not able to have a transparent connection, you need to find out how to overcome that barrier or call it quits.

Relationship therapy is designed to be a safe space where you can uncover things that have held you back from committing fully, trusting completely, and letting your partner in. You owe it to yourself to determine whether this is possible with your current partner and from yourself.

3. Creating Independence.

Any relationship expert in Orlando will tell you that co-dependence creates the biggest marital problem to treat. Identifying dysfunctional relationship habits that prevent the relationship from thriving and hold everyone back.

Creating independence for each person in a relationship might sound scary to the co-dependent couple. Love that is conditional and contingent on another person will always carry risks and create problems in a marriage or relationship. Maybe it sounds scary to you because you fear of losing that person if they change too much. When you work with a marriage counselor you will find out why learning how to be more independent will actually help your relationship thrive.

What you will learn in relationship therapy is that to find one another again, you must first find yourself. This is the only way that two people can build a healthy, strong foundation in which to build upon.


The steps that it takes to repair a marriage or relationship are not easy. The couples who start relationship therapy Orlando is committed to changing the ways they interact and relate to each other. If either of you is not willing or capable of making these changes, you will find this out during this process. Signs to look for that might indicate marriage counseling couple’s therapy won’t work:

  • Your partner refuses to attend couple’s sessions with you.
  • Your partner or spouse does not follow through on the therapist’s recommendations.
  • Your partner blames you for all the issues in the marriage.
  • Your partner is confrontational, argumentative, and unwilling to cooperate during sessions.
  • Your partner or spouse refuses to be truthful during therapy.
  • Your partner or spouse attends sessions late, cancels at the last minute, or doesn’t make the commitment to therapy a priority.
  • Your partner or spouse feels threatened by your changes, disrespects or belittles you.

Here are some ways to tell that relationship therapy could work for you:

  • Your partner or spouse is willing to work together with you to find the best help.
  • Your partner or spouse doesn’t place blame and takes accountability for their actions.
  • Your partner or spouse shows you compassion, respect, and professes to still love you.
  • Your partner or spouse is committed to following recommendations made by your therapist.
  • Your partner or spouse is committed to working independently and working on self-awareness.
  • Your partner or spouse is willing to use healthy communication skills and be transparent.


Getting help for your relationship is hard. It is an investment in your future happiness. Whether that is alone or together. If you are struggling to find ways to make your relationship better, reach out for professional help. We are here to answer any questions you have and to get you heading in the right direction.

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