Recognizing Your Emotions

Recognizing Your Emotions

Recognizing Your Emotions

Not many people pay attention to their emotions all the time. Some people are disconnected from their emotions so much that they find it hard to recognize how they are feeling at a particular time. Learning how to identify your feelings through individual counseling in Orlando can help you be in control of how you react to things, and this will maintain your relationship both romantically and friendships.

Most people sometimes are only conscious about two feelings which are happy and sad. They are oblivious to all other types of feelings. Although it is impossible to know about all the kind of feelings a human being can feel both positively and negatively, it, however, helps to have a list of feeling words and what they mean. This is so that, if you find it hard to recognize how you feel, you can check your list to see if how you are feeling is included.

Often, a lot of people have other emotions deep within them, but these emotions are buried beneath other feelings like frustration, anger, and resentment. The hidden feelings may be embarrassment, sadness or pain. This is why sometimes, people lash out at other people disrespectfully when they are not expected to. This is as a result of the masked emotions buried underneath. The questions to now ask are, “How do you manage the uncomfortable feelings that you have?” Is there a way you respond to harsh criticism? How do you deal with embarrassment or shame? How do you handle loneliness?

Uncomfortable feelings lead to irrational behaviors so, it is crucial that you examine how you behave when you are having those uncomfortable feelings. Do you take it out on people around you? Do you lash out angrily when you are not supposed to? Do you deny how you feel and act like everything is okay? Are you abusive or self-destructive when upset? Do these feelings put you into unhealthy habits such as alcohol or drugs?

Finding out healthy coping strategies can help you and your relationships. By going for individual counseling in Orlando will help you learn how to cope with the different feelings that you are likely to experience at different times. You have to learn to share how you feel and figure out the activities you engage in that makes your mood better. If you realize that your behaviors when you have bad feelings are destructive, learn some new skills which can help you handle your emotions better.

To learn how you can find positive coping tips to recognize your underlying feelings, go for individual counseling in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy. You can call us or send an email, and we will set up an appointment for you to see one of our experienced individual counselors.

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