Orlando Counselors Mental Health Resource List

Orlando Counselors Mental Health Resource List

Orlando Counselors Mental Health Resource List

Orlando counselors use a variety of mental health resources to help during the therapy process. These can range from making suggestions that include a specialized therapist or counselor, exercise plans, local support groups, or life coach’s. What happens when these mental health resources aren’t enough or aren’t accessible?

I decided to look into different resources that are easily accessible to everyone, whether you are on the go, alone, at home or work. I found an array of different phone applications to help benefit your mental health. These apps were all found in the Apple App Store!

Mental Health Resources On The Go

1. Insight Timer (free!) this is an app used specifically for meditation and relaxation techniques. The great thing about this app is that it is easily accessible and customizable. You can narrow down your guided meditation by length of session, and select categories such as stress or anxiety or sleep or even relationships. I’ve personally used this app and found great introspective prompts to help guide me. The best part is you can get speakers from all of over world!

2. Clear Fear (free!) this is an app used specifically for anxiety. It features activities to help the anxious mind and prompts you to choose a 5 minute activity or 15. It also offers information on different kinds of anxiety and education. This is a great tool to utilize in crisis. There is a journal and anxiety monitoring section to gain awareness and insight on your anxiety as well.

3. Calm Harm (free!) this is an app used specifically for those struggling with a history of self harm or experience urges in crisis. This also prompts you to pick an activity based off what you’re needing: comfort, distraction, release, expression, etc. offering a 5 or 15 minute activity. This also features a safety net, which is similar to a safety plan you create for you to review in crisis, reminding you of your triggers, support system, coping skills, etc.

Other apps to check out:


Better Help

It’s important to remember that your battles are never your own, and half of it can be just letting someone in to remind you of that. Whether it’s an Orlando counselor or therapist, a mentor, a significant other. Learning your threshold of emotions or trauma is important to both you and your loved ones. If you’re still having trouble with anxiety, coping or self harm, contact a counselor in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy today. To speak to the author of this article, email Mallory.orlandothrivetherapy@gmail.com. Thrive on!

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