Anxiety Therapy How To Stop Anxiety

Anxiety Therapy

How To Stop Anxiety

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety is one of the leading reasons people seek help for mental health or physical issues. Anxiety is a by-product of stress. Most people do not know how to recognize the early signs of stress and become negatively impacted by anxiety. This can range from mental fatigue or irritability to panic attacks. Anxiety therapy and CBT are proven techniques that can help reduce stress, eliminate anxiety, and provide long term solutions to managing symptoms.

Learning to breathe

Anxiety therapy teaches you how important the breath is. The breath is vital for life. When you become stressed by either external or internal stimulation, your body’s parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. This prepares you for flight or fight and forces your breath will automatically become shallow. If you continue to breathe in this manner, your body continues to produce stress hormones. It is very important to learn how to use diaphragmatic breathing throughout your day to force your body to relax.

Using your outlets

Anxiety therapy helps you to identify the many ways that you can release tension. These are called outlets. Using your outlets give you a break from stress-inducing activities. They allow your body to recover. Outlets can be as simple as listening to music or reading a book, to playing golf, meditating, or doing another activity that you enjoy. It is very important to identify the outlets that work for you and find ways to fit them into your routine.

Reframing negative thoughts

Anxiety therapy allows you to uncover negative thought patterns that might create stress or anxiety. These patterns can manifest at very early ages, or within a family system. They may even be unrecognizable to you. When you begin working with a professional anxiety therapist you will start to see connections and can make changes that will reduce your anxiety.

Anxiety Therapy Do's & Don't's

  • Do expect for anxiety therapy to take time to work. Unlike medication which targets symptom relief quickly, anxiety therapy will take a few sessions. Do expect to feel anxiety while you are in treatment, but that it will lessen with continued CBT work.
  • Don’t think that anxiety therapy won’t work for you. Anxiety therapy, and more specifically CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), are evidence-based, proven ways to eliminate anxiety. That means that the strategies have been proven to work for most people who suffer from anxiety. If your anxiety therapist believes that a supplemental strategy will help you while you are in treatment, they will refer you to someone that can help. This might include your general practitioner, a nutritional coach, acupuncture, or another integrative therapy.
  • Don’t give up. Many people who suffer from anxiety do not understand that with professional help, they do not have to suffer. Clients who start therapy for anxiety in Orlando usually try to self-help themselves for a long time before reaching out for better help. They might even have discussed their anxiety with their doctor during a routine exam and been given a prescription for something. The majority of anxiety sufferers seeking help find that anxiety therapy often allows them to discontinue their medication.

Find The Best Anxiety Help
Anxiety Therapy


There is more to anxiety relief than just learning how to “white knuckle” through it or “think positive.” Your anxiety therapist should do a complete holistic survey that will help them identify multiple areas in your life where you could be out of balance. This thorough assessment is critical in measuring the many facets of your unique lifestyle that contribute to your mental health. This means areas of physical, spiritual, financial, professional, relational, or nutritional health that is part of your complete make-up.

Thinking Outside The Box

The many facets to your lifestyle that might be out of balance could be areas where you will need to think outside the box to change. This could mean that you break up your work routine differently, change your communication style with your spouse, eliminate caffeine in the afternoon, or any other change that could help reduce stress. The overall picture will be what you are aiming to view so that anxiety does not take over control again and create dysfunction.

Holistic therapies counteract stress hormones, reduce tension, and eliminate anxiety are often things that are not part of most peoples normal routines. This is because research was not as readily available as it is now for what is known about ways to eliminate anxiety. Meditation, yoga practice, quality sleep, nutritional factors, sunlight, and many other strategies are now widely known to help with stress.

Anxiety therapy is non-invasive…which means that is doesn’t cause side effects or residual damage to functioning levels, like some medication side effects might do. It is the best place to start when you are deciding to try something to help manage your anxiety symptoms. Anxiety gets to the root causes rather than masking symptoms which is why is offers long term relief.

Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching and Counseling offers long-term anxiety solutions that are non-invasive and do not have side-effects. The main goal of our professional anxiety therapy is to help you resolve anxiety symptoms, rather than just make them feel better temporarily.

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