Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando

Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando

Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando

Asking for relationship help is hard. Couples may hesitate to seek guidance from a licensed mental health counselor in Orlando. Seeking help for therapy is the first step towards finding out the ways that your marriage can be saved. The second step is knowing where to start to look for help with marriage issues. Finding the best marriage therapist should be based on a few main things that can ensure you will get the most success out of your experience in marriage therapy.

Looking for a few key things will guide you in getting help from a marriage counselor in Orlando.

Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando

1. Is the location of your marriage counseling office convenient to your home, work, or usual route?

You shouldn’t rely on this as a deciding factor when seeking marriage therapy, but it is important. The reason that finding a marriage therapist nearby is important is because it allows both partners to be able to attend sessions without schedule conflicts. In Orlando, there are a great number of relationship experts with great reviews that are ready to help you. You want marriage therapy to be something that you can both fit into your schedules, after work, on the weekend, or anytime that allows for there to be an uninterrupted window of time on a consistent basis.

2. What is the skill set of your counselor?

While educational background is important, working with couples is unique and requires specific, additional training that surpass what is standard in counseling care. Being a Level 1 certified Gottman couples counselor, Emotional Focused Therapist (EFT) or trained in Imago Therapy are just three examples of specialized couples techniques. These techniques are evidence-based and provide your counselor with proven “formulas” that help a couple having relationship trouble. They also have additional resources available that you will be able to use at home which supplements your in-office sessions.

3. Does your counselor specialize in working with couples?

Just like with any profession, being a “jack of all trade’s” can mean you don’t specialize in any one thing really well. This isn’t what you want when you are trying to save your marriage. You want a counselor whose primary practice and focus is on couples and adult individuals. You want a marriage counselor that is committed to marriage therapy and whose practice isn’t so broad that they do not just see couples occasionally.

The reasons that married couples seek help vary. They can include:

  • Infidelity or cheating
  • Addictions or substance use
  • Loss of romance or attraction
  • Emotional or physical affairs
  • Parenting differences
  • External stressors (job loss, family issues, financial strain, etc)
  • Poor conflict resolution or communication

Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando
Taking The First Step To Change

  • Don’t delay any longer in looking for a therapist.
  • Read therapist reviews and ask for referrals.
  • Discuss scheduling expectations with your therapist.
  • Find a therapist that checks off the above boxes.
  • Ask your therapist about costs and package rates.

Help From A Marriage Counselor In Orlando

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