Great People in American History who Have had Mental Illnesses

Great People in American History who Have had Mental Illnesses

Great People in American History who Have had Mental Illnesses

Historians record that many great Americans have had mental illnesses. Yet, they did not let that stand in their way, but they chose to go on an accomplish new things. Reflecting on their lives gives you the chance to draw strength from them and through hard work in individual counseling in Orlando go on to build your own award-winning life.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Historians record that Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th president of the United States suffered periods of melancholy. Today, we would call that being clinically depressed. He spent hours playing with his children, reading and enjoyed the political game. Yet, he would spend many hours where he could barely move because he was so sad. This was especially true after his two sons passed away at an early age.

  • Earnest Hemingway

    Earnest Hemingway goes down in history as one of the greatest authors to ever be born in America. Yet, historians record that he was depressed while others describe symptoms of a bipolar disorder. Yet, he wrote many great books like Old Man and the Sea, A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises. He would also often write nasty letters to young authors filling them with insults. Hemingway tried to drink away his problems, but, like others who do not seek counseling, that did not work. He committed suicide when he was only 61 years old.

  • Carrie Fisher

    Perhaps best remembered as the original Princess Lela in Star Trek, Carrie Fisher was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder when she was 29 years old. At first, she denied that she had any problems, but she finally admitted that her doctors were right. She went on to become an outspoken advocate for others with mental illnesses. Carrie says that she would often stop her medications feeling like it was her individual decision. That changed, however, when she became a mother because she wanted to be alright to raise her daughter.

  • Mariah Carey

    Superstar singer Mariah Carey was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2001 She says she did not seek any treatment for 17 years after her diagnosis for fear that someone would tell the media. In 2018, however, Mariah Carey decided that she no longer cared what other people thought, and she sought the treatment that she needed to take care of herself. She has said that she thought she was suffering from a severe sleep disorder before finally accepting her illness. Mariah also adds that she hopes the day will come when society lifts the stigma associated with mental illness, but she realizes that she cannot wait for that day to arrive to seek treatment.

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