Four Reasons to Go to Couples Therapy with Your Spouse

Four Reasons to Go to Couples Therapy with Your Spouse

Four Reasons to Go to Couples Therapy with Your Spouse

The stigma surrounding therapy is slowly fading away as more couples are realizing the benefits of therapy for themselves and for their partners. More couples are regularly engaging in relationship counseling sessions to promote growth and empowerment in their relationship. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, we assist couples with our unique approach to therapy by focusing on our repair, reframe, rebuild, and restructure principles. These help to create a more solid foundation for your relationship so you can foster growth over time. There are a few key reasons why you and your spouse should consider regularly attending relationship counseling sessions.

Communication Troubles

Many relationships suffer from communication troubles at some point. When these communication issues continually arise and halt progress in life, you may want to consider couples therapy. Today's world encourages many different forms of communication, and sometimes this expectation of instant communication and response can pose challenges for relationships. In therapy, you will work to resolve this divide with your partner by first recognizing what you as an individual contribute to the overall dynamic of your relationship. By recognizing your value and worth, and then recognizing your partner's value and worth to you, you can begin to bridge the gap that is created from your communication troubles. Building a safe and open rapport between the two of you will be the main goal for therapy targeting communication troubles in relationships.


A large issue that brings couples to therapy is infidelity and unfaithfulness. When someone steps out on the marriage, it is often hurtful, damaging, and may seem incapable of full repair. However, it may just need to be discussed openly in a healing space with a therapist. Therapists can provide couples battling infidelity issues with a space that encourages repair of broken trust and lead them on a journey towards forgiveness. With the help of a therapist, both individuals will be able to address concerns about infidelity, beginning with what caused it, what happened as a result, and how each individual is working on moving forward as a unit. Therapy provides a constructive environment to air out your feelings.

Big Decisions

When you make big life decisions with another person, it can be difficult to reach a compromise. In relationships, it is important to value and consider the opinions of your spouse while still making sure to listen to your own intuition. This can be tough to juggle. In therapy, you'll be able to work through different scenarios, listen to any opinions or arguments, and then reach compromise or joint decisions. This process is geared toward creating a safe, open place for all frustrations, anxieties, anger, sadness, and grief to be addressed so that you can positively move forward with a decision.

Trust Issues

requires rebuilding the foundation of a relationship, and this can be hard, time-consuming work. With a therapist's help, you and your spouse can learn strategies that will help you trust again, despite how painful, frustrating, and difficult the process may be. Anyone who is willing to put in the work and understand the process can see growth and change -- for the better -- in their relationship.

Couples therapy provides an open, safe place to allow for tough conversations and healing. Relationship counseling is not just for those who are going through transitions or tough times. In fact, it can be helpful to anyone who wants to see growth or change in themselves with regards to their marriage. As a premiere relationship counseling service, Orlando Thrive Therapy aims to help our couples find success and thrive together.

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