Divorce Counseling in Orlando Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce Counseling in Orlando

Conscious Uncoupling

Divorce Counseling in Orlando

Divorce counseling in Orlando is an alternative to the typical break-up and paves way for conscious uncoupling. Going through a divorce or a break-up causes anxiety and sadness like you have never felt before. When you first got married or into a relationship, you probably wished you had a manual for how to navigate things. The same is true for what to do when a relationship ends. Even the articles for self-help online for divorce give minimal reassurance or guidance. Every divorce case is unique and a break-up causes sadness and pain, especially when it is unexpected. Divorce counseling in Orlando is one way that couples are choosing to unbundle their lives more peacefully. This concept caught hold with many movie stars, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, who are understanding the true benefit of “conscious uncoupling.”

Divorce Counseling

Why is conscious uncoupling so healing?

The pain after a break-up is the result of the sharp trauma of life suddenly changing drastically. This is even more deeply felt if this was not your choice. Just like with any wound, the healing process of an emotional trauma takes times. What can impede that healing is when there are things left unsaid, questions left unanswered, and stones left unturned. These unresolved issues make closure impossible and healing is delayed while the brain tries to find the explanations for why things happened.

How does conscious uncoupling work?

When you have either decided to end a relationship or have been told by your spouse that the marriage is over, you will have a lot of questions. You will be wondering what life will be like now, how you will separate everything, and what to do if you have children after you get divorced. You may even continue to think the relationship can be saved and avoid dealing with the reality of the break-up. Divorce counseling in Orlando helps to address these concerns in a safe, neutral space so that closure can occur more quickly.

Who benefits the most from divorce counseling?

If you are going through a break-up or planning to get divorced, you would benefit from divorce counseling in Orlando. Especially if you have children. You do not need to be married to meet with a divorce counselor. You only need to be on the verge of a break-up, having just ended a relationship, or dealing with divorce and unanswered questions. Many couples that start divorce counseling, have a common goal to find better ways to heal after divorce. They want to know how to cope with a break-up in healthy ways and they want to make sure they don’t continue to traumatize each other or their children while they “uncouple.”

Where do you find a divorce counselor?

A divorce counselor in Orlando should have specific training and experience in conflict resolution. This is a unique skill set and will provide the appropriate guidance during sessions. You do not want to work with someone who does not have this type of background because this is not typical therapy and should not be treated as such. There are many mental health counselors in Orlando that are experts in couples therapy but do not possess the additional training that is needed to help a couple navigate divorce or a break-up peacefully.

When should you seek divorce counseling?

The best time to seek help is when things have come to an end or you have discussed breaking-up. Do not wait until everything is officially over. Research indicates that once you throw the word “divorce” out, even in a heated argument, that you are more likely to end up there. Be mindful of this and even in your own self-reflection if you find yourself thinking about divorce, seek help right away. You do not need to be getting a divorce or even in agreement about it to seek divorce counseling in Orlando.


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