Dealing With Intimacy Issues In Couple Counseling

Dealing With Intimacy Issues In Couple Counseling

Dealing With Intimacy Issues In Couple Counseling

In couples counseling, couples having intimacy issues often find that there are more deeply rooted problems that need to be addressed. For a couple that has lost connection with one another, it can be easy to put the blame on many things. A couple’s counselor takes inventory of what has been happening in the past and what is causing problems in the present. Resolving relationship issues and marital conflict doesn’t happen overnight. Getting professional support through couples counseling is a good place to start. Making the decision to commit to multiple sessions over time is important too. Before making any rash decisions about the outcome of your relationship, the best advice a couple’s counselor would offer is to get help first with couples counseling in Orlando.

The goal of a couples counseling session is to give two people a safe, neutral space to discuss relationship issues. It is also for learning more productive ways to deal with specific relationship problems.

  • Intimacy Issues

    Counseling in Orlando is a judgment-free zone meant to foster change, especially in couples counseling. When a couple is having less sex, losing attraction for one another, or feeling physically disconnected, this is not the time to shame or blame. Sexual intimacy issues in a relationship don’t just go away. Speaking honestly with a counselor, who will maintain your confidentiality, fosters a safe space to talk openly about your needs and desires.

  • Physical Attraction

    In counseling, there will be topics that your licensed counselor will bring to your attention. If you are having sexuality issues in your relationship, then your counselor will probably suggest individual sessions too. It will be important to process feelings that relate to attraction, desire, fantasy, and physical or sexual needs. In couples counseling, the goal isn’t to make each other want the same things, but to become aware of what those things are. Once you have more information, you can create a plan for how to meet those needs within yourself and for each other.

  • Loss of Desire

    Many couples who face diminished intimacy want to find answers or blame external factors. A counselor who begins working with a couple on intimacy issues might discover a variety of causes. Your counselor might point factors such as conflicting schedules, lack of sleep, children’s needs, or other external issues. After working with a counselor to put a plan in place to improve many of these external factors, the underlying loss of desire might still exist. In those cases, it is important to rule out any health issues. If your counselor recommends a follow up with your primary care doctor, take that advice to heart and make that appointment. Many health and age-related causes contribute to low libido and can be resolved quickly with the right treatment.

  • Unmet Needs

    Having sexual issues within a relationship is more common than one might think. Seeking the professional help of a couple’s counselor or marriage therapist is the best place to start. Couples counseling in Orlando gives you a place to openly talk about what has been missing in your sex life, what you need to be fulfilled, and how to get those things back. Your couple’s counselor will make recommendations that are specific to your unique situation. No two couples counseling sessions are the same and receiving professional advice for your relationship is highly beneficial. Couples counseling in Orlando is a better solution than trying to fix things on your own or making an even more rash decision without getting help first.

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