Building Happiness Through Wellness The 8 Steps It Takes To Find Happy

Building Happiness Through Wellness

The 8 Steps It Takes To Find Happy

Building Happiness Through Wellness

Why is happiness so elusive?

Happiness is like a flower. You must tend to it with the right amount of water and sunshine for it to grow. It can often be mistaken for an effortless state of contentment, but in actuality- your happiness requires work. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix. Counseling in Orlando offers support and strategies to help you achieve happiness that will last for the long-haul. Working with a professional counselor in Orlando helps reinforce the essential dimensions of wellness.

What are the areas that you need to be focusing on? What do you need to do next to maximize the happiness quotient? you may be wondering, what do I need to do? A holistic counseling approach can help you. Below is a look at each dimension of wellness that your holistic counselor in Orlando will consider:

The 8 dimensions of wellness

You can prevent spells of depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns by focusing on the eight dimensions of wellness coined by SAMHSA. These include, social, emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, and spiritual. In boosting our gratification in each distinct category, your life satisfaction will rise overall. Wellness and happiness are ongoing processes rather than static conditions. By taking inventory of your overall wellness, and making efforts to improve, you can increase your feelings of happiness. It isn’t about being perfect in each category, but in making efforts to maintain a balance of wellness overall.

1. Social

This dimension is all about the quality of your relationships. It’s vital to nurture healthy relationships, creating a support system of people that you trust. Your support system includes those who will be there for you when difficult times arise, so it’s important to create close relationships that go beyond the superficial. Fulfilling relationships are necessary for your growth and wellbeing. Talking to at least one person each day is encouraged, even if it is someone new or an acquaintance.

2. Emotional

Learning to express yourself to those that you trust is healthful because it allows for a cathartic release of emotional tension, as well as a deep connection to those around you. Expressing yourself allows you to not be so alone. For this dimension, work on understanding and coping with your feelings. Journaling can be a beautiful tool to help you gain more insight into your emotional world. Relaxation techniques can be utilized when emotions become overwhelming, for example, you may try deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or visualization techniques. These are all methods that your holistic counselor can help you learn in therapy.

3. Environmental

The environmental piece refers to having a positive environment that is safe and comfortable. Being in surroundings that help you feel at ease promotes both physical and mental health. Consider spending more time in nature, keeping your home clean, and living with optimistic people if possible.

4. Financial

When working on your financial wellness, you must make an effort to understand your finances. Wellness in this area includes planning for the future and establishing good financial habits.

5. Intellectual

Intellectual wellness is about keeping your mind active throughout life. Challenge your brain in new ways through creative outlets, be curious about new ideas and possibilities, and be a lifelong learner.

6. Occupational

A fulfilling job that fits your personality and preferences will enhance your occupational wellness. If you’re stuck in a job that does not promote your wellbeing, then you may find meaningful work through outlets such as volunteering or school instead.

7. Physical

It’s no secret that your physical wellbeing influences your mental health. Try your best to get exercise, restful sleep, and to eat well. Spending time outdoors also boosts mood, so consider exercising outside when you can.

8. Spiritual

The spiritual dimension of wellness is often misunderstood, but this topic is important to emphasize because research supports spirituality as a protective factor against emotional pain. Holistic counseling in Orlando often considers a clients’ spirituality. This is a resource that can bring you hope and a reason to live. Greater meaning (i.e. spirituality) in your life can be found through a connection with yourself, nature, a higher purpose, god, and/or other people. Ponder what values and beliefs are most important to you to enhance your spiritual wellness.

There are many components to happiness and how to achieve happiness is different for everyone. Working with a counselor in Orlando at Orlando Thrive Therapy, Coaching, and Counseling will help you learn how these 8 dimensions of wellness pertain specifically to you. Holistic counseling in Orlando provides information that can lead to overall health and mental well-being. Give us a call today at 407-592-8997 to start your journey.

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