Boosting Self-Esteem Self-Esteem Exercises You Need To Start Today

Boosting Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Exercises You Need To Start Today

Boosting Self-Esteem

The way in which we speak to ourselves and inner voice determine a lot about our mood, our self-image, our confidence, our mental health. If we can't be nice to ourselves, how can we believe it when others are nice to us? In general, we all have flaws. Take away the Instagram posts, the perfect relationship, the corporate job, and what do we have - just you. How do you feel about yourself? It is normal for us to come up with negative thoughts, it is something most people struggle with, but how do we change it? One way to start is through the practice is daily affirmations. Depending on what your personal struggle is, I have compiled a list of various topics and affirmations to match. Many more can be located across the web! Like mantras, yoga or meditation, this should be an intentional practice during intimate reflection time with oneself.

Body Image Affirmations:

  1. My body deserves love and respect.
  2. Food is not the enemy, and I thank food for nourishing me.
  3. My worth isn't defined by my weight. I define my worth and I am worthy.
  4. Love fills every inch of my skin and I feel the love in my body.
  5. Others opinions of my body do not affect or involve me.

Self Esteem Affirmations:

  1. I deserve to be happy and successful.
  2. I have the power to change myself.
  3. I can forgive others and understand their motives.
  4. I can make my own decisions and choices.
  5. I am unique and don't need validation from others.

Anxiety Affirmations:

  1. At this moment, I choose to release the past and look forward to the future.
  2. With each breath, I inhale strength and exhale fear. It is safe for me to heal.
  3. I choose to feel calm and peaceful. Everything is happening as it should.
  4. I choose to fill my mind with positive and nurturing thoughts.
  5. There are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.

Other noteworthy affirmations related to mental health:

  1. What I am feeling is temporary.
  2. I am not my mental illness.
  3. Every day is a choice to be made, and a chance to grow.
  4. I accept my failures, I accept my flaws, I accept me.
  5. My healing isn't linear, there are ups and downs.

You know your personal struggles more than any internet article could, so it could help to highlight some of these negative cognitions about yourself or your situation and craft your own personal affirmation in regards to it.

Here's an example:

Negative: "I am so behind in school, everyone I know is already graduated".

Positive: "I'm moving according to my personal journey and that takes time".

Negative: "I still financially rely on my parents, therefore I am a failure".

Positive: "My parents are supportive and understand my struggles. I'm becoming more independent every day".

What speaks to you?

When you search for validation from others regarding your situation, what is it that you want them to say and why can't you tell yourself?

Take a deep breath and affirm yourself out loud, perhaps looking in a mirror to visualize yourself saying the chosen words that speak to your soul. Recite it however many times you need. Start your day this way, or end your day this way. This is a moment of presence, vulnerability, and power.

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