Are You Ready to Thrive in Your Relationship?

Are You Ready to Thrive in Your Relationship?

Are You Ready to Thrive in Your Relationship?

Liberty Hyde Bailey was instrumental in changing American agriculture and the life of farmers in many ways. Born in 1858, he was instrumental in bringing electricity to farms, starting 4-H and the parcel post service. As a college professor, he helped develop many different plants. He also is quoted as saying, “A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” Your relationship is like a plant. If will not thrive to satisfy ambitious or because you have good intentions. Instead, you must spend time on it. Learn to thrive in your relationship through relationship counseling. If thrive were an acronym, then it might stand for thankful, hopeful, respectful, inspiring, victorious and excited.

  • Thankful

    If you want your relationship to thrive, then show them how thankful you are for them. Get on social media and tell the world how great you think they are, and if you have kids, then get them involved in feeding your spouse’s ego. Tuck a surprise note in their sock drawer telling them how thankful you are for them. Go ahead and make reservations for a date night at their favorite restaurant or cook them their favorite meal at home. The more you show the person that you are thankful that they are in your life, the more they will want to do their best every day.

  • Hopeful

    Everyone has their faults, and your spouse is no different. Even if those quirks get on your nerves occasionally, be hopeful that they will keep growing into the person that they are supposed to be, even if it differs from your idea. Always let your spouse know that you are positive that even brighter days lay right around the corner, even if things are going pretty good now.

  • Respectful

    Respect cannot exist unless you totally trust your spouse first. Find ways to show your spouse that they can do anything they decide to do. Fill each day with positive words of encouragement that they can succeed at what they set out to accomplish. Your words hold great power, so never allow yourself to speak negative things to or about your spouse. Trust them enough to share your deepest needs and desires with them in a quiet manner.

  • Inspiring

    The first step in inspiring your spouse is to deeply care about them and find ways to show them that they matter to you. When you mess up, be the first to say that you are sorry. Set high expectations and expect that your spouse will meet them without being critical when they miss the mark.

  • Victorious

    We all need someone to celebrate life’s victories with, and that should be your spouse if you are married. Get honestly excited when you know that they have done their best.

  • Excited

    Working together in relationship counseling can bring a new level of excitement to your relationship. Give Orlando Thrive a call today at (407)592-8997 to get started.

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