4 Acts of Being Grateful How to Practice Gratitude

4 Acts of Being Grateful

How to Practice Gratitude

4 Acts of Being Grateful

In a world full of madness, pain and suffering surrounding us, it can be very hard to view life and living in a positive manner. Whether the pain is our own, those we care about, or the understanding of pain that isn't our own but impacts people both different and similar to us. The question always arises, "what's the point?", "what can I do to make a difference?". These questions can be existential by nature and overwhelming when we give it too much personal energy, but what can we do on a personal level?

1. Change your mindset.

Our minds are the catalysts to anxiety, depression, overwhelming emotions. If we look at the world and all of it's pain on such a black and white mindset, that is always going to be our view. Perhaps looking at how much pain, but how people redefine their pain. Being grateful that we experience both happiness and pain in our lifetime promotes that feeling of gratitude. The power of overcoming, resilience, and the act of letting go are worth being grateful for. As you change that mindset, spread your word and cause to show other people purely focusing on negatives will only allow negative energy into their lives.

2. Give back.

Whether you're concerned of women's rights, climate change, animal conservation, foster kids, etc., give back to those communities. That can be as simple as dedicating an hour a month to an agency, volunteering at a shelter, donating to different causes, or again spreading your word. This promotes purpose and light into your own life, sharing your story with others promotes purpose and change within them as well. Allow yourself to be grateful for these opportunities and the lives you can impact, even your own.

3. Practice gratitude.

I keep mentioning this word, grateful, gratitude. This is the act of being thankful, showing appreciation and reciprocating kindness. This can be a personal act or through service or affirmation. I find it helpful to allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your conquests, even through the darkest and trying of times. Express your recovery, share what you have gotten through these times. Allow yourself to be thankful for your own motivation and energy. Start with once a week! Write in a journal or even recite with yourself the things this week you are grateful for. Share it with someone you care for. Be proud of yourself.

4. Patience.

This is another key item to being grateful. Understand that your recovery, your goals, your desires are on no specific timeline. Every step, no matter how small is something to be proud of and be mindful of. Revisit every step of the way your growth and how you managed to attain each step. Be patient with yourself and with those around you who may not understand fully.

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