Why We Fall for People Who Are Not Right for Us and How to Deal with it

Why We Fall for People Who Are Not Right for Us and How to Deal with it

Why We Fall for People Who Are Not Right for Us and How to Deal with it

Have you experienced being in a relationship with someone who did not only make a good fit for you, there were completely bad for you. Do you continue to go through this? Do not worry, it happens to the best of us, and this cycle can go on for quite a while. Even if you meet a new person who initially may seem like a breath of fresh air, but they end up being the same as the ones you have experienced in the past.

Most times, it happens so fast, you don’t even see it coming, and when you try to make sense of it, you fail. Trying to figure it out? Counseling in Orlando may be just right for you.

Finding out the cause of childhood experiences

The first thing a counselor will do during a session of counseling in Orlando is to ask questions about your childhood. This is because most of us have experiences from our childhood following us into adulthood. It is easier to relate to what a person went through during their childhood with their experiences and behavioral patterns as adults.

For people who experienced abuse as children, they must have had a lot of needs that were not met. It may have been a parent that was not emotionally available or a sibling that taunted them. When such a person ends up with a person that has similar characteristics, it becomes a painful experience, and these are the people who are “bad” to be with.

Finding the right person

After recognizing your weak spots, you have to be intentional about the type of person you want to be with, moving forward. You should have your ideal relationship in mind, the kind of person you want to be like and highlight five characteristics you would like your partner to have. You may have to get in and out of a couple of relationships to break the jinx, but all you need to know is that every experience is vital to your growth process.

Each relationship comes with its lessons, and if you pick these lessons, you will be able to evolve and get better. As time passes and you understand yourself better, with an open heart, you will find the healthy relationship that you desire and deserve.

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