Treatment for Anxiety Attacks & Panic Attacks Orlando Counselor Shares Insights

Treatment for Anxiety Attacks & Panic Attacks

Orlando Counselor Shares Insights

Treatment for Anxiety Attacks & Panic Attacks

Orlando anxiety counselors and therapists hear all too often that the anxiety attack (or panic attack) symptoms come “out of nowhere.” Clients will say that all of a sudden they feel like their heart is racing, they can’t catch their breath and that their anxiety attack symptoms are out of their control. They might feel like they are going to pass out, go crazy, or embarrass themselves somehow. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can make you feel like you should seek help at a hospital. ER visits are quite common for people suffering from severe anxiety and often get referred to counseling, but rarely follow through on the recommendation.

Anxiety counselors see that the anxiety symptoms rarely disappear on their own. Instead, what often happens after a doctor has explained it’s “just anxiety,” the person will feel even more out of control. Anxiety attacks leave a person on constant high-alert, waiting for the next anxiety symptoms to appear or the next anxiety attack to happen. People who once managed their lives without worry or fear, might now be overwhelmed with excessive worry, constant anxiety or fear, and have trouble enjoying their normal life and activities. Some individuals even become so afraid that they restrict their outings to home or work, and isolate themselves from others. The memory of past anxiety attacks the physical symptoms of anxiety can make a person develop coping skills or behaviors that alleviates their anxiety. Many times these behaviors or strategies lead to avoidance, or obsessive thoughts or actions, which further prevent them from dealing with the anxiety. They remain in an anxious state and have an even higher sensitivity to anxiety which can continue to lead to anxiety attacks.

As an anxiety therapist and counselor at Orlando ThriveTherapy and counseling in Orlando, I incorporate the use of evidence-based treatment techniques to get to the root cause of anxiety attacks. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be an effective form of treatment for anxiety symptoms and works with or without medication. In cognitive therapy, a counselor will teach you effective strategies for handling your anxiety attacks and anxiety symptoms. While you are learning and using better ways to manage the anxious symptoms, you will also be working with you anxiety counselor to get to the root causes of your anxiety. You will be gaining a greater understanding of the mind-body connection through anxiety counseling in Orlando. Anxiety counselors who use cognitive behavioral therapy help people suffering from panic attacks identify their thought patterns, reframe them, and develop and master a sense of personal control over their body. These techniques help clients finally begin to feel relief from their anxiety attacks and see a decrease in their anxious thoughts.

Finding The Right Help

I use a specific screening process when determining if CBT and anxiety counseling would be a good fit for you. My training and experience in counseling practice has provided me with experience that is invaluable to my clients suffering from anxiety or stress. As a certified anxiety specialist, trained through the National Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapists, I utilize proven and effective strategies in anxiety counseling. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the most effective counseling technique for anxiety. It incorporates a variety of strategies that will address the root causes of your anxiety symptoms, the cycle from which your anxiety starts and manifests within you, and will teach you the exact ways to eliminate most (if not all) of your anxiety symptoms. In addition, I do not just treat your anxiety symptoms. I also look at your life as a whole and want to help you find the keys to long-lasting anxiety relief, not just symptom management.

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