Top 5 Things Your Marriage Counselor in Orlando Won’t Say to You

Top 5 Things Your Marriage Counselor in Orlando Won’t Say to You

Top 5 Things Your Marriage Counselor in Orlando Won’t Say to You

Speaking to a marriage counselor in Orlando for the first time can give you a lot of worry as you are not sure what you will be discussing with a perfect stranger. You may also be wondering how the conversation will go and what topics will come up. What you should however know is that a counselor in Orlando will respect your boundaries and privacy while helping you to find your way, no matter what the problems are.

Because the marriage or relationship counselor is there to help you, there are a number of things that you should not worry about hearing from any counselor in Orlando. We will be looking at some of these things;

  1. I don’t have any relationship advice to give you

    Your counselor in Orlando may not have all the answers but because counselors are licensed professionals, they will always be able to advice you. Not only because of their education, but also the many years of experience in seeing so many different cases and scenarios where they can relate to you. If you are looking to save your marriage, your counselor in Orlando will always have advice for you.

  2. You cannot turn this around

    Negativity is the last thing you should expect from your marriage counselor in Orlando. Even with the high rate of divorce in the country, no respectable counselor in Orlando will tell a couple that they cannot make it. Most counselors can tell up to more than 90% accuracy if a couple can work through their problems. In cases where the counselor sees the couple as high risk, instead of telling them there is no hope, the information will advise the type of therapy method to use.

  3. Your partner is a better person than you

    A lot of people feel like their marriage counselor should be able to take sides objectively. This however cannot work. There are some cases where one partner is the offending party, like in cases where one cheats, a professional therapist will try to keep the conversation balanced and not pick sides or condemn. If you are talking to a counselor in Orlando and you feel like there is a bias towards one partner, you should speak up and even find a new counselor.

  4. I have my own problems too

    Every counselor in Orlando has a unique style that you are unlikely to pick up on from an online listing or billboard. This style is hones out of years of experience and is indicative of the type of therapy you will get. If during the first few sessions, you notice that the counselor is not helpful or always complaining about their personal situations, then you might want to consider looking for another counselor in Orlando to continue your sessions with.

  5. Anything you say can be evidence in divorce court

    That is just a no-no as you are protected by therapist-patient privilege that keeps your counselor in Orlando from revealing all your conversations in court. You should also not be worried about being blackmailed with information provided during your counseling session.

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