Therapy For Women's Issues Finding the right support

Therapy For Women's Issues

Finding the right support

Therapy For Women's Issues

Being a woman comes with its unique set of circumstances. Therapy for women’s issues can be a good place to start if you find yourself struggling. There are many types of things that today’s busy woman can find challenging. Balancing family life, work practices, personal fitness, and social support can be just a few of the therapy for women’s issues that present. Gender differences can play a huge role in how people are trained to cope with life’s changes, or challenges. Women benefit from counseling by receiving individual support and validation for their feelings. They also benefit by having a safe place to talk about what they are experiencing. Women’s issues vary but some of the most common ones that counselors see revolve around relationships, work issues, body image, and self-esteem.

Women deserve support and a neutral, objective place to discuss their thoughts and feelings. They also benefit by coming up with an action plan for how to make a change if they need to. Here are a few of the most common women’s issues that are treated in therapy for women.

  1. Relationship Issues

    Women are often care-givers and nurturers by nature. This can lead to unhealthy boundaries and relationships that often feel very one-sided. If a woman is finding that she is giving of herself too much, then she may become emotionally and physically depleted. This leads to burn out and feelings of low self-esteem. In women’s groups Orlando there is often great support found in one another and bonding that occurs through validation. Women need to always be mindful of taking care of their own needs, not feeling selfish when doing so, and ensuring that they do not fall into co-dependent relationships or friendships.

  2. Work Issues

    Women in the workplace often are not just balancing work, but family and social life too. A major benefit for seeking therapy for women’s issues at work is having a place to discuss career goals and challenges. Women can be successful business owners, executives, front-line staff, women lawyers, or successful at any number of careers. They can also raise a family and have active social lives. It just comes down to balance and support, learning how to have good boundaries, and talking to a professional women’s counselor if you can’t manage a working action plan alone.

  3. Body Image Issues

    Body image issues is something that women deal with often. Women’s issues in this area are unique due to the societal pressures that many women feel to look, act, or be a certain way. Therapy for women addresses body image, self-esteem, and helps reframe negative beliefs. The core of a woman should not be based on external acceptance or comparison. It is possible for a woman to find strength in herself and love for her body. Women benefit greatly from having positive support and seeking help of a professional women’s counselor who can empower them.

  4. Self-esteem & Confidence Issues

    Building confidence and self-esteem is critical for higher quality of life. If you suffer from low self-esteem, this can bleed out into major areas of your life. Women who have poor body image or self-concept can indirectly choose unhealthy relationships, lower positions at work, or not treat themselves kindly. Women who learn better ways of viewing themselves and reframe negative belief systems increase their confidence, self-esteem and overall concept of who they are. Therapy for women in Orlando can be an empowering experience that will show positive benefits across all areas of a woman’s life.

As a woman, there might be multiple and unique issues you are dealing with. Therapy for women’s issues in Orlando can give you a safe, neutral space to work on those issues and resolve things once and for all. Women’s support groups can also give you validation and support with other women who are dealing with the same issues. Professional counselors who run support groups usually have a structured guide for groups to make sure you get your individual needs met as well as the goals of the group. Contact Orlando Thrive Therapy today for a free phone consultation or email us directly to schedule your first women’s counseling Orlando appointment if you’d like to find out if counseling might work for you.

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