The Dangers and Effects of Negative Thinking

The Dangers and Effects of Negative Thinking

The Dangers and Effects of Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is one of the most overlooked aspects of mental health that a lot of people do not think they need a counselor in Orlando for. Negative thinking is not healthy for both your physical and psychological state, and it can affect a lot of things about you from your mood, physical appearance, work, and even relationships. It is understandable that sometimes, negative thoughts creep in but if you find yourself always thinking negatively, you have to put it in check and see a counselor in Orlando. Let's check out some of the dangers of negative thinking.

What makes up negative thoughts?

There is nothing realistic about negative thoughts. For instance, if you have some bills to pay, a normal realistic way of thinking would be, "I am cash-strapped at the moment," but a negative thought would sound like, "I will never be able to pay my bills. I am a failure." Negative thoughts are on the extreme ends of negativity that is; they are too negative to be true. They come in the form of exaggerations, and they predict bad future occurrences. Thinking this way is not rational and most times distorted, but you are left with two choices every time thoughts like these cross your mind. You can either believe them or replace them with more accurate and less negative thoughts.

Effects and Dangers of Negative Thinking

  • It changes the way you see things.

    For instance, someone who is only momentarily unable to sort out his bills who thinks he is a failure because of that would find it hard to pursue life-changing goals that can change his financial state. Or for someone who is always thinking their spouse has fallen out of love with them and doesn't care anymore. Such a person will hardly believe anything that their partner does for them, and this has enormous effects on their marriage.

  • It affects your feelings

    There is no way negative thoughts will make you feel good. If you think your spouse no longer loves or cares about you, you are likely to feel sad, hurt, angry or anxious and these feelings will inevitably affect the communication and relationship between you and your spouse. It becomes hard to make your marriage work when you are feeling bad about yourself, your partner or your marriage.

  • It influences how you behave

    If you already believe that your spouse or partner no longer loves you then the future of that marriage or relationship looks bleak. Except the situation is arrested or you go and see a counselor in Orlando, you will likely change your attitude towards your partner. Your once-loving and supportive self will turn to a different person entirely. You will start doing less to make your partner happy, and you start disrespecting them.

Dealing with negative thinking is best done by replacing those thoughts with more balanced, positive ones. Try to see things from a more realistic perspective and focus more on how to change things in your marriage.

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