Taming Your Anger Before It Destroys You

Taming Your Anger Before It Destroys You

Taming Your Anger Before It Destroys You

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you lost all sense of responsibility, enraged to the point that people around you start resenting you and identifies you with rage? There is something responsible for all that, and it’s called “anger.” And do you know where it lives? It lives in you—right inside your soul. That’s right!

The giant controlling you

Anger is an emotional trait that all humans experience at certain intervals and under different circumstances. It is what causes you to say something you are not proud of, act in a way that elicits resentment from others, hurt yourself or someone else that you so much cared about. It's anger that can cause you to withdraw yourself from places or others or from doing things others does. Sometimes, it feels like you’re under the control of a sleeping giant, and it’s like going to explode in the face of anything and in anywhere under the flurry of emotional response.

Now, sit back and consider this; does it add anything positive to your life? It doesn’t, which inform the need to take back control.

Taking back control and jailing the giant within

The followings are steps you can take to address the situations.

  • Choose the situation

    There are circumstances, things, or places that can trigger emotions. Avoid them. If, for instance, you know you will become easily angry when others force you to wait while you’re in a hurry, then leave the house or your office early to avoid the situation. Choosing to leave the office 20 minutes before time will make you less bothered when elevators, cars or pedestrians start thronging your way.

    Furthermore, if there is someone that keeps triggering negative emotions in you, device a way to avoid bumping into him/her. Counseling in Orlando will help build up your emotional restraint.

  • Water down the situation

    Sometimes, the emotion-triggering the giant in you could be your quest to overcome disappointment. Let’s say for some time now you have been hoping to serve the “best” meal for family and friends, but each time you try, something always goes wrong, and you end up failing. To help control the situation, water down your goal by switching to recipes that you are good at so easily you can accomplish your target at the end. You may not have achieved your primary aim, but you succeed in getting the people “wow” all the same.

  • Fine-tune your thoughts

    The driving force behind our deepest emotions is the total of our beliefs. You are sad and angry when you feel a vital goal is thwarted, or that you have lost someone dear. You are equally happy when you are in expectation of something good that’s on the way coming. When you change your thoughts, it doesn’t mean the situation has changed, but you have succeeded in turning how you react in those situations.

  • Get hold of your response

    When everything else has failed, and the picture of that pulsating circumstances keeps coming back to trigger the giant within, the next thing to do is change and be in charge of your response. When you feel the rage building up in you, and temper rising to that uncontrollable height, put your hands on your waistline. Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a moment. This will calm you down, and where possible, quietly walk away from the situation.

  • You can find help

    Anger is a sleeping giant in everyone’s life, but you can learn to manage and tame it to obey you. We can help you with the best anger management class online or in person. Call us today to set up an appointment with a counselor in Orlando today.

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