Talking your man into having a child

Talking your man into having a child

Talking your man into having a child

Once you have checked the following boxes off your to-do list; college, career and a long-term relationship, starting a family would be the next thing on your mind. So, you got married, you agreed with your husband that there would be no baby for a particular period or you both do not have plans to have a baby any time soon. Things go fine for a couple of years, but suddenly, the urge comes, and you want to have a baby, but your husband is having none of that. You broach the topic with him, and he maintains his stance that he still doesn't want to be a father, yet. He states finances, timing and a lot of other reasons as his reasons. You are thinking about yourself and how you would like to have a baby as soon as possible before it gets too late. This starts affecting your marriage, and it is not the best thing. So, what do you do?

  1. Lay the topic to rest

    After the first time of bringing up the topic and he doesn't agree, drop the topic for a while. He has heard, and he would mull over the topic for some time. Giving him time to digest the idea may be a good idea so you two can discuss further (some other time) about what it would be like to have a baby.

  2. Research

    To convince him, you have to make him see what positives a baby can add to your relationship. Carry out your research and understand what it entails. Do not forget to look at the stressful parts too. A marriage therapist in Orlando can also help you gain a wider perspective on starting a family.

  3. Solve problems together

    Marriage is about dealing with things together, and your child-bearing plans should be shared and worked through together as a unit. Plan with your husband.

  4. Have the clear picture

    Having a baby will change your relationship and marriage, and this is something you have to come to terms with. Your husband, other than his reasons for not wanting a baby, might be thinking of how having a baby will change you physically. You need to be ready for the changes that your body will experience and let your husband know that you are aware and are prepared.

  5. Seek help

    As a married couple, sometimes, going for marriage therapy to talk about your marriage honestly helps. A marriage therapist in Orlando can help you and your partner reach an unbiased compromise. If you need help to sort it all out, Orlando Thrive Therapist has the best Marriage Therapists in Orlando. Call 407 592 8997 to book a session.

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