Stress Management | Work-Life Balance Individual Counseling For Adults

Stress Management | Work-Life Balance

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Stress Management | Work-Life Balance

Life just seems to be getting busier and busier these days. There is the constant demand of deadlines, productivity expectations, managing work relationships, and meeting the needs of clients. In individual counseling for adults in Orlando, stress management is a major request. Throughout the years working with professional people, such as therapy for lawyers with anxiety, there appears to be a common need for individuals dealing with stress. The major piece that most people are missing in stress management is a good work-life balance. These are a few things you can consider doing now:

  • 1. Evaluate the time you spend helping others outside of work.

    Work is one thing and your obligations there are necessary to make a living. When you leave work behind, are you having trouble turning off work emails, phone calls, and requests? Do you have trouble setting boundaries at work? Do you have trouble saying no when boss asks for help after hours? If that is the case, then you seriously need to evaluate the time you spend helping others outside of work hours. Individual counseling for adults in Orlando teaches how to set healthy boundaries and why boundaries are important. Boundaries help protect your sanity and also protect relationships in your personal life from not being negatively affected by work stress.

  • 2. Make time for you.

    Quite often professionals think that they have to put their work fist to stay ahead. This strategy has benefits in the short term, but over the long-run can deplete your energy. Once you have begun to feel the effects of work-place burn-out, seeking professional help is critical. Work stress negatively impacts your health, mentally and physically. It is so important that you always put your own health ahead of work. This means that you remain active, eat well, meditate, decompress, and counterbalance busy days with slow ones.

  • 3. Practice being present.

    A Lawyer dealing with anxiety, a doctor having panic attacks, a manager feeling stressed, or a high-pressure sales person feeling burnt out, probably spend little time just being present. What exactly does it mean to be present? In individual counseling for adults, being present is a practice that requires intervention. When a person is so conditioned to stay focused on work, they often are always thinking about past and future accomplishments or to-do’s. This is a habit of thinking that can be changed in time. The benefit of learning to be present is that you can fully enjoy moments away from work, with your loved ones, and give yourself the rest that you need to continue being productive.

  • 4. Keep things in perspective.

    Stress counseling and stress management techniques require that individuals learn how to keep things in perspective. This means that individual counseling for adults in Orlando teaches people to reframe anxious thought patterns, or negative thinking. Work place stress and anxiety can build up even more if your view of the situation is negative. In therapy, clients learn how to identify faulty perceptions of reality and develop healthier ways of dealing with work stress by having a better mindset.

  • 5. Get support from a professional.

    Adults today have more pressure than ever to maintain financial stability and achieve personal goals. Training exists for job requirements, but little is taught for how to manage stress on the job. This is where seeking the help of a therapist for stress management and to develop better work-life balance strategies helps. Using a professional that is trained in stress counseling will help you come up you’re your own action plan and be accountable for putting it into place for better mental and physical health.

  • 6. How do I contact a counselor near me?

    Seeking individual counseling for adults in Orlando will help you develop better stress management skills and improve work-life balance. These are key reasons professionals seek individual therapy in Orlando Thrive Therapy. We have professionals who will help you get your work life and stress management skills back into balance again. Call 407 592 8997.

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