7 Tips for Keeping Long Distance Relationships

7 Tips for Keeping Long Distance Relationships

7 Tips for Keeping Long Distance Relationships

Your counselor in Orlando understands what it takes to be in a long distance relationship. People often find it difficult to build a better relationship when they are apart. The distance can exaggerate small issues and it makes the effort to keep it intact even harder. Of course, you may not have the capacity and every means to do all of these tips. But, as any counselor in Orlando will tell you, the key is being creative. Focus on what is ahead of you and maintain a sense of connection while always letting your partner know that every time you are still thinking about him/her.

How you can keep your distance relationship flowing like you were together

  1. Develop things that you usually do at certain intervals and get your partner to participate in it together. Both of you can also think about such things in a way that looks like you are doing it together. For more on this, speak to a counselor in Orlando Thrive Therapy.

  2. Look for some nice games you and your partner can play online despite not sharing the same location. With a smartphone, iPad or laptop, there are lots of online games you can play and have fun with while at it.

  3. Use Facetime or Skype to have a face-to-face connection even if it is just for saying good morning or good night. Seeing one another’s face rekindles the spark and keeps the fire burning within. Both of you can decide to set the time of talk to a particular but regular time once a day, per week. The talk length largely depends on the resources and time available to you both. You can get more details from your counselor in Orlando.

  4. Gazing is allowed. Aside from talking through Skype, you and your partner can arrange to just gaze into each other’s eyes for a minute or two. While doing this, take note of your partner’s facial details, recall and cherish them and bask in the feelings of love you share in common. This process can increase the production of a chemical in your body called oxytocin.

  5. Organize date nights and get your partner to participate in it together. When do you normally eat your dinner? Hook up with your partner and schedule the time together so he/she comes online through Skype where you can eat and share stories and news together. Some couples would dress a bit more for the occasion, wear some makeup and even stand some flowers and candles to make the time a colorful one.

  6. Share your internal thoughts and sensual feelings when talking. Allow your partner to see the innermost part of you, seeing your personality and feeling your experiences through your words.

  7. Keep your partner informed about upcoming events and things that are of vital interest, worrisome, exciting, and memorable. This could take any form. It might be an award for a service or job done, an exam, a presentation at work. You let your partner to know much about it, how you are feeling towards it, when is it scheduled for and at what venue, etc. Some people maintain a standard calendar that any of the partners can view to encourage and offer support for one another for an upcoming.

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Always remember that effort and commitment are what yield results in relationships. If you want better tips, contact your counselor in Orlando for professional advice.

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