What to do and how to get over it

What to do and how to get over it

So, you are an adult now, and all the memories of your childhood are marred by the responsibilities you had to take on as a child. You had to play the role of taking care of yourself and your parent(s). The fun experience that other people enjoyed as children was not an option for you and as an adult, the feeling is not pleasant. You wish to get over it but you can't. So, what do you do after going through this experience?

  1. Accept that it happened

    Whether you go for counseling in Orlando or not, the first thing you have to do is come to terms that you were "parentified". You should not deny it or diminish the fact that it happened in any way. Allow it to sink in and get used to the fact that you went through something like that at a too-early age than you should.

  2. Observe how it affects your life

    Due to the fact that you spent your formative years taking care of other people, as an adult, you will notice that you always find yourself in the caretaker position for people. Do you see people depending on you and being unable to do things without you? If you have children, look at the way you are bringing them up. You probably share everything with them and put them in the spot where they would like to do something to make things better for you and them as you did for your parents. You have to put all of these under check so that the cycle does not repeat itself. You should also go for counseling in Orlando for more effective methods.

  3. Learn from the past

    Your ability to move forward and forge a new path for the future depends on the lessons from the past. Think about the past and how you got used to being overly responsible. Think about it, mourn what was taken from you and these will help you shape your life as you move forward. Booking a session for counseling in Orlando will help get past this stage.

  4. Parent yourself

    The childhood that you were denied as a child can still be enjoyed even as an adult. That child is still somewhere inside you and you need to find a way to cater for it. The child in you was not allowed to form the right way, and you may need to get professional help so you can nurture that part of you adequately and the best way to get help is by going for counseling in Orlando.

When you look back and think about your childhood, and you realize that your experiences were not normal, it may shock you. Not allowing this experience shape who you become and your future is the goal. For expert help, book a consultation with Orlando Thrive Therapy by calling 407 592 8997 or sending an email today.

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