Overcoming your Workplace bully

Overcoming your Workplace bully

Overcoming your Workplace bully

Bullying is an act that seems to have evolved over time and has found its way from playgrounds to workplaces, amongst colleagues, in colleges, in the neighborhood etc. Bullying has so many forms and until a stop is put to it, the victims will keep increasing in their folds. A reliable counselor in Orlando can help you deal with bullying issues at your workplace.

Workplace bullies are self-absorbed individuals that tend to lower your self-esteem, put you in compromising situations or make you feel awful at work with their actions. They mostly exhibit an air of superiority or bossiness with a nit-picky behavior or simply have mental illness or personality disorders. They are mostly stressed out and often transfer aggression out of sheer wickedness and pleasure in victimizing seemingly weak colleagues or juniors.

Bullying is a continuous process as the bully takes pleasure in the power he or she has over the victim. Bullying can be in the form of yelling, intimidating or humiliating behavior, angry criticism and personal insults or sabotage, emotional blackmail, vicious gossip or rumors or taking credit for someone else's work. Being a victim of bullying can affect your performance at your workplace, it can result in frequent headaches, loss of appetite, high blood pressure, insomnia, clinical depression, panic attacks and even PTSD, therefore affecting your overall well-being.

How to overcome bulling at your workplace

  • Be as rational, calm and composed as possible. Do not let the bully get to you, and if it can't be helped, do not show that you are being affected.
  • Avoid situations that would warrant such person picking on you or insulting or taking out his or her anger at you. Do your work well and mind your business.
  • Do not feel bad and remember that you did nothing wrong. The bully is just being a BULLY!
  • Have a documentation of the events that have occurred as a result of the bullying. You can record your daily activities including how you were bullied in your journals for reference sake. Keep notes and records of the activities of you being bullied.
  • Have a good rapport with your other colleagues at work to build a support group. This way you have people that can at least have your back and save you from being bullied.
  • Learn about bullying, effects of bullying, how to avoid being bullied, what to do when bullied, to educate and equip you on how to go about your situation.
  • Ask for help from trustworthy superiors or colleagues at your workplace, to salvage the situation. Talk to a confidant, either a family member or a close friend, someone you trust. Reach out to organizations that advocate against bullying to help you out.
  • Seek out counseling from a competent and reliable counselor in Orlando. This counselor will help you overcome bullying at your workplace.
  • Focus on your well-being, ensure you are physically, emotionally and psychologically fit to enable you not get depressed or affected by the bullying at your workplace.

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