5 Mistakes to avoid with your children in a Divorce

5 Mistakes to avoid with your children in a Divorce

5 Mistakes to avoid with your children in a Divorce

A lot of marriages that have ended up in divorce could have been saved by a professional Marriage Therapist in Orlando, but unfortunately, the divorce happened nonetheless. If your marriage is about to hit the rocks and you have kids to protect, it is best that you understand the different ways (that you may not know) through which you can hurt your kids. Often, the children feel the effect of divorce more, and it is up to the parents to make sure the divorce does not affect the children. Discussed below are some of the mistakes that a lot of parents going through a divorce make before their children.

1. Fighting or arguing in the presence of the children

Divorce is about the biggest blow any marriage will have to face and as hard as it may be for the couple going through the divorce, it is usually harder for the children. However, it could even be made worse if the couple/parents choose to do their arguments and fights in front of their children. This sends the wrong signal to the young ones who do not have the maturity to sufficiently evaluate the situation on ground. If you must divorce, do it quietly and if you must fight, take it away from your children. Even better, go for marriage therapy Orlando to handle things better.

2. Sending messages through children

Divorce brings along with it a lot of things part of which is a breach of communication between the couple. It could be a deliberate refusal to communicate with each other or an inability to reach the other person. In this case, some parents use their children as a medium of passing across messages to each other. This is not right, and it is uncomfortable to put your children in this spot.

3. Making children do the job of parents

It is okay for your children to help out in the house. Titles like "Mommy's assistant" is complimentary but if it goes on for a long time. Childhood is a period when a child is shaped into a proper adult. You don't put burden meant for an adult on your children. If your children must learn things on their own, those things have to be learned in an environment where they are made to do things meant for their age.

4. Disrupting the regular family setting for your child

Every child needs a family to thrive, for support and security. Divorce and fighting for custody take that away from your children. They will not be able to enjoy the proper bonding they ought to get from their parents. If the divorce must happen, however, you should make sure that your child continues to receive every necessary support and security.

5. Trying to be the favorite parent.

The need to make your children happy despite a divorce is understandable, but making it into a competition between you and your ex-spouse could have negative effects on your kid. You may unconsciously throw caution to the winds by disregarding discipline and rules all in the name of trying to make your children happy.

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