Marriage and Finance: Making it work

Marriage and Finance: Making it work

Marriage and Finance: Making it work

A lot of relationships and marriages in Orlando have been ruined as a result of fights and financial disputes. These marriages that could have been saved if they went for couples' therapy in Orlando. A happy marriage is one in which the two parties agree about virtually everything including their finances. Five major mistakes that a lot of couples make concerning finances are discussed below.

  1. Not discussing your finances

    A relationship involves sharing every part of yourself with your partner and vice-versa. So, before going into a relationship or even marriage with someone, you both need to sit down and have the "Money Talk." Evaluate how much debt you and your partner have; discuss what you two will be doing with your monies in the relationship; who will handle household expenses? Will you two operate separate or joint accounts? Are your spending habits frugal and aligned? These questions and a lot more are what you and your partner should address. The discussion never ends, and even in marriage, you both should continue to keep track of your finances so there won't be problems soon.

  2. Keeping money from each other

    Not just money; keeping things from your partner is not healthy for your relationship. If your relationship is built on sharing financial matters, changing that along the line will not go well for the sake of the relationship. If you have discretional spending habits, it is best that you discuss it with your partner and be transparent with everything that you do with money. If you and your partner, however, continue to disagree over money, then it is advisable to go for couples' therapy in Orlando.

  3. Not setting a budget

    The best way to track expenses is to set a budget and stick to it. This way, couples can be on the same page, have the same goals and deal with their priority expenses together. Even if there will be those emergency expenses, the decision to go above the budget will be taken by both parties.

  4. Inadequate or no planning

    Planning for the future is another great way to keep your marriage together. Have you two heard about life insurance? Do you own life insurance? If not, you should get one. You have no power over events, and anything can happen at any time, so it is best for you to be many steps ahead.

To avoid marital financial conflict, being open with your partner is important. A continuous discussion with your partner about your finances aids bonding in the relationship. If you are finding it difficult to come to an agreement on the things that matter in your marriage or relationship, then you should consider going for couples' therapy in Orlando. Book a session with Orlando Thrive Therapy by calling 407 592 8997.

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