How to Maintain Independence in a Relationship

How to Maintain Independence in a Relationship

How to Maintain Independence in a Relationship

Some relationships have ended in which one of the partners came out without having a sense of who they are. They are saddled with the burden of trying to find themselves with their new single status. A healthy relationship is a relationship in which the two parties if the relationship ends, can stand on their own.

As a counselor in Orlando who has seen a lot of relationships, people often wear themselves out in a bid to have the best relationship, but in reality, if energy and emotions get wasted this way without taking adequate measures to sustain them, it is dangerous. If you tow this path, you will sooner or later be out of a relationship and looking for a counselor in Orlando to help you stand on your feet.

Look at your history and know what your habits are

Irrespective of whether you know what an ideal relationship should look like, you also need to check your history. In a lot of cases, the upbringing of some people has a significant bearing on the type of relationship they form with other people as adults. For people who had decent and safe upbringing, the way they were treated during certain conditions is often evident in the patterns they show on how they want to be loved.

For instance, if children show signs of fear or distress, whether they get enough response or not, they are expected to fall in line, in most cases. This transcends to their adulthood where there is this fear of not getting what they deserve even if they are in a relationship with someone who is ready to give them all they deserve.

Self-Love is important

Self-love is essential when maintaining independence in a relationship. There should be a lot of self-discovery in a relationship, and a supporting partner is one who keeps you on the path to self-discovery and encourages you.

Be alone and get a perspective for yourself

By spending meaningful time away from each other, a stronger bond can be created. Most people confuse privacy for keeping secrets; but sometimes, being alone helps us gain a better perspective of our real identity. Sometimes, it is during time spent alone that we figure out new perspectives, changes in emotions and new desires.

By creating healthy independence in a relationship, a relationship can be better sustained that way. You cannot be in a relationship and be in fear of what you may lose. For pointers on how to maintain independence in your relationship if you are finding it difficult to do, consider going to see a counselor in Orlando by getting in touch with Orlando Thrive Therapy. Call 407 592 8997 or visit our website to book a free consultation to see a counselor.

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