Losing A Loved One Dealing With Grief

Losing A Loved One

Dealing With Grief

Losing A Loved One

Losing a loved one affects a person in devastating ways. The road to healing can be long, confusing, and emotionally exhausting. Even when there may have been some warning through sickness, or ill health, a loved one’s death is still the most painful trauma a person can experience. There are many ways that people grieve and comparing yourself to others is not always healthy. Orlando therapy can offer relief and help you understand your grief.

Dealing with the aftermath of losing a loved one can change everything about the way that you look at life. Many people experience a loss of joy, apathy, inability to concentrate, uncontrolled crying, anxiety, loss of hope, etc. The hardest thing that many people deal with is relating to others. If other people have not experienced the kind of loss you are going through, it may be hard for you to share your emotions with them. When you receive help from a grief counselor who understands the stages of grief, you can start to process the pain in healthy ways.

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Grief is said to come in waves and no two people grieve the same. Orlando therapy help you move through the waves. Grieving is the hardest emotion that people must deal with. It feels physically and emotionally painful. There is little that provides relief when someone is in the waves of grief. The most common symptom clients report to me, is that they have waves of sadness that hit unexpectedly. Feeling anxious, guilty, alone, and confused are other common complaints. There are many benefits that clients receive when they reach out for professional help.

Grieving can lead to major depression if it is not processed in healthy ways. When this happens, the depression and sense of loss become so pervasive that it can no longer be classified as grief. There is much research that suggests getting the right kind of help sooner rather than later can prevent grief from becoming a major mental health issue.

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Understanding The Grief Process

Five Stages of Grief a Grief Counselor and Orlando Therapy Focuses On Healing

  1. Denial of Loss & Inability to Accept

    This stage is characterized by disbelief. It is a stage of difficulty accepting the harsh reality that your loved one is no longer coming home, calling, or going to be in your life anymore. This stage usually happens very soon after the loss. It also comes up often during the healing process. It is very hard to accept the permanence of death and the impact it has on all areas of the life you once shared with someone.

    Death can be sudden or anticipated, but in either case, it is still met with intense emptiness. A grief counselor will be able to help you identify this stage and talk you through it.

  2. Anger & Irritability

    When the reality of the loss hits, it is normal for someone to feel angry and mad. This stage is hard for others to understand. You may even be feeling guilty for taking your anger out on your family, co-workers, or loved ones. Irritability or frustration might also be ways that you are exhibiting anger. A grief counselor can help you develop and use better coping strategies when this emotion hits you.

  3. Bargaining

    This stage is riddled with questions. Asking “what if” questions is normal. “What if I had been there,” What if I had done this differently.” Many people feel guilt and anxiety in this stage. They might even be stuck on memories from the last days they were with their loved one, or conversations they may have had. A trained Orlando therapist will move you through this stage with ease. The emotional support that you will get will help you process lingering doubts, emotional trauma, and memories that you can’t erase. You don’t have to suffer with grief alone.

  4. Depression & Sadness

    When the sadness or depression hits it can be hard to “snap out of it.” Everyone knows that life goes on, but the motivation to keep living can be hard from some when they lose a loved one. When the depression becomes unbearable and it begins to impede your ability to do things you enjoy, you know you need to reach out for help. Grief therapy provides that help and support and gives you hope that ou may not be able to find on your own.

  5. Acceptance

    This stage is the last stage of grief and Orlando therapy is designed to help you get here. As mentioned before, the stages of grief are fluid. While you may find yourself in one stage on one day, you can then find yourself in another on the next. Grief is on a moment to moment continuum. There is no time line for grieving and you should know that you do not need to grieve like anyone else. There will be a day that the pain will be a little less intense, but in the meantime, talking about it with a grief therapist will help.

You don’t have to suffer alone. With the right support you can heal from the loss of a loved one in healthy ways. Call 407-592-8997 now and talk to someone. It is the best way for you to be able to move forward with your life while still honoring the loved one you lost.

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