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Life Transitions & Stress

Life Transition Counseling Orlando

Life Transitions & Stress

Stress can happen from good and bad change. The body doesn’t know the difference between good and bad stress, even if the mind does. Logically you might know that getting married “should be” a happy event, but you can’t understand why you feel so anxious. Other life changes, such as losing a loved one, being let go from a job, or getting divorced can better explain sources of anxiety or stress. CBT therapy Orlando is a solution-focused technique that works best in life transition counseling. Life transitions describe changes that occur throughout one’s life. They are often sudden or short-term. Even short-term life changes can leave a long-lasting emotional impact. Life transition counseling Orlando helps you to put your thoughts in a more positive place so that your negative feelings become more manageable.

This very famous saying, “Nothing stays the same, except change,” is a fact of life. This saying is a powerful statement. It proves how important it is to master resiliency for better quality of life. Resiliency is the ability to adapt to change and continue moving forward without being set too far back. Resiliency is a trait that can be learned through therapy. A resilient person becomes empowered and can manage life changes more positively.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness negatively impact quality of life. While it is normal to experience all of these emotions during times of change, some people cannot recover as quickly. The lingering feelings do not allow them to be fully present or able to enjoy life. This can lead to problems functioning, or issues in a relationship, or negative thoughts that can’t be controlled. Resilient people demonstrate the ability to attach positive meaning even to negative events. They can often find constructive ways to use the change for improvement, self-reflection or growth, and seem to recover more quickly. A mental health counselor can help you develop these skills through life transition counseling.

Examples Of LIfe Change Events

There are so many changes that occur over the course of life. Most people can find ways to adapt and move forward without much set back. Some changes produce immediate results that are good and other changes take time to adjust to. Adaptability and resiliency don’t have to come natural. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a negative state for too long after one of these life transitions:

  • Changes in job or career, work issues, job loss, career change

    This life change can come suddenly, after much consideration, or out of necessity. You might be changing a career, dealing with a boss or team that is hard to manage, or experiencing trouble setting boundaries at work. Maybe your work/life balance is out of whack. No matter the reason, jobs and career transitions can be stressful. Finding ways to view the situation more positively and gaining objective feedback can be invaluable in helping you achieve professional success.

  • Loss of a loved one, death, grief, illness

    Losing a loved one through death or long-term illness is unbearable. The grief that follows impacts daily functioning, ability to connect with others, concentration, sleep, and so much more. This life transition benefits so much from getting the right support. Grief counseling in Orlando and support groups help you regain balance, resiliency, and control of the sadness.

  • Break ups, divorce, separation

    Personal life changes such as ending a relationship, getting divorced, or learning how to date again are life transitions that require resiliency. If you have negative thoughts about these changes, it could greatly influence the outcomes. Finding positive ways to view and strategically manage these life changes will give you better quality of life.

  • Moving, relocation, new city

    When you make a move away from your comfort zone, the feeling can be overwhelming and very uncomfortable. Starting over somewhere new is not easy. The quickest way to gain insight or feel connected is to talk to new people, or someone who understands what you are going through. A life counselor can give you new ideas, help you develop an action plan for change, and suggest ways to develop a new support network more quickly.

  • Marriage, engagement, moving in together

    This change is exciting and new. The initial feelings may be happiness but could lead quickly to fear, concern, or worry. If you find that those negative feelings start to overshadow the joy, it might be time to talk to someone. Finding out what is underlying the feelings and how to reframe your thoughts will help you get the experience you want.

  • Becoming a parent, step-parent, having a baby, or getting pregnant

    This life change is often met with many questions, concerns and expectations. It’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, or scared. Life transition counseling Orlando can help you define your goals, identify your fears and concerns, and get into a better mindset.

Life Transition Counseling Orlando

At Orlando Thrive Therapy in Orlando, you will be given better ways to handle life changes and transitions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven to be an extremely effective technique to work through life change issues quickly. Life’s changes cannot be avoided, but you can learn to be more resilient and gain better quality of life! Call today to schedule a session or have a free phone consultation.

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