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Lawyer Stress

Are you a lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando? Research indicates you aren't alone. Lawyers are one of the most stressed and anxious professions. Orlando lawyer stress anxiety is at an all-time high. Two common personality traits contribute to the anxiety levels that lawyers feel; Perfectionism and pessimism. These two characteristics often lead lawyers to overwork themselves while also tending to look at a glass as half empty. Any lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando can find themselves feeling burnt out, dealing with alcoholism, and even considering suicide. Anxiety therapy Orlando with a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapist provides lawyers, and any other high demand professional with tips and tools to manage their stress and anxiety levels better.

There is an overwhelming demand for lawyers to meet deadlines, perform under pressure, manage billing, and navigate difficult personalities. Many people think that legal fees more than make up for the lawyer stress anxiety felt by attorneys, but they don’t often know the amount of work that lawyers have to do. What they also don’t realize is that most lawyers have outstanding student loan debts, have to work 60 hours a week, and have little downtime for healthy outlets. Many anxious lawyers in Orlando spend their downtime networking, which is a necessary part of their job. They are also often encouraged to spend their free time volunteering in the community. Anxiety therapy for lawyers in Orlando provides feedback and objective solutions to manage roles, responsibilities, and demands better. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also a technique to help lawyers reframe negative thought patterns that lead to depression and anxiety. A lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando might identify with these common issues:

  1. Higher Rates of Alcoholism

    Lawyer stress anxiety is one contributing factor which can lead to alcohol use. The other contributors are networking events, social hours, and the pressure to fit-in. A lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando who begins stress counseling will work one- on-one with an expert in anxiety. That professional will uncover negative behaviors that are contributing to their anxiety and find ways to develop better coping mechanisms. Lawyers who find that they have been consuming more alcohol then normal might start to see that it has become a bad habit worth quitting.

  2. Trouble Finding Time for Self

    Lawyers work long, demanding hours and are often bombarded with communication even outside of work hours. This pressure to stay on demand allows limited time for a lawyer to find time for her/himself. They may also have little time for family or friends. This leads to an imbalance in healthy outlets and personal time. Without quality time to decompress, lawyer stress anxiety will keep rising and be harder to manage alone. Anxiety therapy Orlando helps lawyers redefine their priorities and map out a plan to establish healthy boundaries.

  3. Negative Mindset

    Lawyers tend to have a bad habit of defaulting to a skeptical, negative mindset. They are trained to find contradictions and develop strategies to look for blame. This can bleed over into personal life and make it very difficult for lawyers to keep a positive attitude. Without a positive attitude, lawyer stress anxiety can begin to consume all areas of a lawyer’s life. Anxiety therapy Orlando teaches a lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando how to protect themselves from allowing their work life to infect their personal life. Reframing negative thought patterns will improve mood and any depressive symptoms in a short amount of time.

  4. Difficulty Maintaining Relationships

    Many lawyers report that they have trouble establishing and maintaining deep connections with others. Often this is simply due to the amount of work they have to put in at the office, but it could also be that the general public has a hard time trusting lawyers. This can be make it hard for lawyers to develop new relationships and that can add to their anxiety level. Any lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando can use anxiety therapy for a safe, confidential space for lawyers to process their relationship issues and openly discuss areas they can work on. They can do this without fear of judgement or criticism.

  5. Legal Stress Anxiety Help

    Anxiety therapy Orlando uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques and a variety of other resources to give lawyers a chance to develop better skills to manage their stress levels. Legal stress anxiety is nothing to be ignored. It can negatively impact personal relationships and professional performance. It can also be very hard to identify and manage on your own. Seeking the professional help of an anxiety specialist and psychotherapist qualified to help with these issues is a smart thing to do. Nobody would expect to navigate the courtroom without the right help, so a lawyer shouldn’t be expected to navigate mental health without the right guide.

If you are a lawyer dealing with anxiety in Orlando, you do not need to deal with this alone. You can get expert help and begin to develop a strategy for how to handle your lawyer stress anxiety better. All you need to do is take action and get started with professional help. Feel free to email us at Orlando Thrive Therapy to schedule a free phone consultation or call now to find out how our anxiety expert can help.

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