How To Cope Better With A Breakup

How To Cope Better With A Breakup

How To Cope Better With A Breakup

Orlando Therapy Tips

Orlando therapy tips for how to cope better with a break-up. A relationship ending can be one of the hardest things to go through. Break-ups of any kind whether it’s divorce, separation, or after dating for some time, the pain you feel is the same.

After a break-up, people often experience symptoms like withdrawal from an addiction. They can feel anxious, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, angry, and have physical pain. In many ways, they are grieving. It feels the same as if someone had died. Orlando therapy teaches you how to cope better with a break-up. You can find better ways to deal with the sense of loss. When your relationship ends, you have lost someone that gave you a sense of self in being with them. You have lost your partner. You have lost a piece of you.

Cope Better With A Break-Up
10 Orlando Therapy Tips

How To Cope Better With A Breakup
  1. First and foremost, FEEL.

    Preventing yourself from showing your emotions and pretending you're okay can lead to more emotional backlash.

  2. Place importance on yourself and healing.

    Pick up a new hobby, go somewhere new, and cleanse yourself physically and mentally.

  3. Find your support system and focus on them.

    These are the relationships that matter most during this trying time.

  4. Take things one day at a time.

    There will be good days where you feel okay, and there will be days where you feel down and lonely. Embrace the good, accept the bad.

  5. Challenge yourself.

    Pick up a new hobby, make goals, achieve them, and challenge negative thoughts.

  6. Don't tread on the past.

    You might be better off if you get rid of memorabilia of your ex, delete old messages, and establish a no-contact agreement. Absence and freedom is key.

  7. Acceptance of the problems.

    In order to make sure you can move forward appropriately and prepare yourself for future endeavors, review where things went wrong in the relationship. Take the time to understand how you can improve, what you're worth, and signs of future problems. Be honest with yourself.

  8. Don't assume this fate will be your next relationship.

    At this point, even thinking you'll find another person anytime soon seems unreasonable. However, this person is not your last chance at love. If someone comes along that treats you right, don't let the fear of the past affect your potential for a future. Not every person makes the same mistakes, and not everyone is out to hurt you.

  9. Remember, with ends come new beginnings.

    Keep track of the individual progress you've made throughout the breakup and what you've learned to enhance your sense of self and worth.

  10. Remember, everyone has their own pace for working through breakups.

    Take your time, embrace yourself and your independence, and don't force yourself to feel or do anything you're not prepared to do.

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If you are having trouble coping after a break-up in Orlando, please contact our office at 407-592-8997 to set up an Orlando therapy session with a counselor at Orlando Thrive Therapy. You can also inquire about our 10-course support group meeting every Wednesday evening. The group is open to women of any age working through a break up, separation or divorce in Orlando. Mallory Hawkes, the author of this article, can also be contacted directly for more information or to set up an appointment.

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