5 Individual Counseling Tips For Work/Life Balance

5 Individual Counseling Tips For Work/Life Balance

5 Individual Counseling Tips For Work/Life Balance

Finding the right balance in life is not always easy. When pressures at work and home pile up, the last thing you have time to do is make time for yourself. You might even be impressing yourself with how well you think you are doing at juggling it all. Maybe you even believe that you are quite skilled at multi-tasking. I wish I could tell you that this is an effective strategy. In individual counseling, a therapist often sees people seeking help for high stress and anxiety symptoms. The issues that stem from this compounding strategy are usually burn-out or problems in other areas of life, such as in relationships.

It isn’t as hard as you might think to be able to manage everything well. Sometimes the only thing missing in finding a balance between work and life is information or planning. Some healthy strategies exist and are easy to incorporate once you learn what they are. An individual therapist in Orlando teaches ways to strike a balance between work and life. This balance allows you to juggle your tasks, while still maintaining your sanity.

5 Individual Counseling Tips For Work/Life Balance

  • 1. Always be mindful of your priorities

    Finding the balance between work and life requires prioritization. This doesn’t include just looking at priorities at work, but also at home, in your personal life, and in your relationships. It requires looking at the whole picture and mapping a plan. Your priorities in life change constantly. Maybe one year, the priority is to work as much as you can to save for a house down payment. The next year it might be that you spend more time with family or traveling abroad. Taking a regular inventory of what is important in the short-term and long-term helps you stay focused on what is important and when to make adjust along the way.

  • 2. Long term goals vs Short Term goals

    Don’t lose sight of what the long-term goals are while you are busy completing short-term goals. Your short-term goals should ideally be helping you get to your long-term goals! When you look towards your future, think in terms of 1 year goals and 5 year goals. This helps you identify the things you need to do now so that you can get to the place you want to be then.

  • 3. Community and social support matters

    If you have anxiety and stress that is overwhelming, ask for help. If you are having panic attacks, insomnia, depression, or hopelessness, talk to a counselor. When your mood begins to really suffer, you have probably been dealing with stress for a long time. Finding the right support for stress or anxiety is so helpful in developing balance in life.

  • 4. Get exercise and rest

    This should go without saying, but it is often the area that suffers the most when things are busy. Incorporating a minimum of 15 minutes of mild to moderate exercise daily actually proves to be as effective on depression as an anti-depression medication. The effect that exercise has on your mental state also improves your sleep. This shift helps you stay productive, and positive even during stressful times.

  • 5. Making yourself a priority too

    This is often the hardest thing to hold yourself accountable to. If you are a people-pleaser or a care giver, it can be even harder. The main benefit to ensuring that you make yourself a priority is that you stay healthy for others when you do this. You should always treat yourself as good, or better, than you do other people. That is a golden rule to live by and key to good mental health.

Finding The Right Balance
Work & life

There isn’t a one size fits all stress management formula that individual counseling in Orlando will help with. The main benefit is that when you try individual counseling for work/life balance, you learn strategies that are suited for you. You gain objective feedback, develop insight, and increase self-awareness. You learn ways to identify the things in your life that truly matter most. You will become better at maintaining your relationships, your overall health, and will have more hope for the future.

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For life to be manageable, it might involve asking for back up. Work/Life Balance can be hard to do alone if you don’t know where to start. In individual counseling in Orlando you will get help with stress management, burn-out, family responsibilities, and develop an action plan to get life back in balance. If you feel a little overwhelmed and want to get life back on track, try individual counseling in Orlando. The benefits will surprise you in very little time. Orlando Thrive Therapy is a phone call away. Call 407-592-8997 to schedule you first session.

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