Finding Relief For Anxiety Without Medication

Finding Relief For Anxiety Without Medication

Finding Relief For Anxiety Without Medication

Finding relief for anxiety can be a challenging puzzle to piece together. You can’t just deal with the symptoms that are a result of the anxiety. Talking about your anxiety with people who don’t understand anxiety might leave you feeling more frustrated. Anxiety triggers and anxiety symptoms can be managed in alternative ways.

Relief for anxiety comes from looking at the whole person. Medications work on neurotransmitters to manage physical feelings of anxiety, but they do not work on underlying thoughts. Anxiety management works best when all aspects of a person’s life can be explored. This includes looking at different areas that you might need to begin making changes if possible.

Finding Relief For Anxiety
Without Medication

  1. Check your work case load, work hours, and work environment

    If you are working 10-12 hour days, taking very little breaks, have high pressure job demands, long hours, or any variety of these things, you might need to reevaluate your work/life balance. If you find yourself with very little downtime, family time, or personal time, you are never giving your body and mind time to rest. If this is an area you have tried to fix in the past but haven’t had luck, consider anxiety therapy Orlando or stress counseling. A professional can help you develop a work/life balance plan that will work better for you.

  2. Get small amounts of physical activity daily

    Anxiety symptoms are fueled by adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones are part of the “flight or fight” response system. Speaking with an anxiety therapist or attending anxiety therapy in Orlando will give you information on how the anxiety cycle works. They will also explain the best ways to counteract that loop. This includes physical activity which releases endorphins, the natural feel good hormones. These endorphins help regulate breathing, a sense of well-being, and a state of calm.

  3. Watch your alcohol intake closely

    It is tempting to use substances, especially alcohol to deal with anxiety symptoms. The problem with alcohol is that it has a depressive effect. It can lead to feeling worse the next day or even cause you to develop a tolerance over time if used too frequently. Anxiety sufferers need to be honest with themselves and find out if they are using alcohol as a way to cope with symptoms. If this is the case, the short-term gains could make way for long-term problems and getting better help is a good idea.

  4. Get the right amount of sleep for you

    Most people know how many hours of sleep they need to function at their best. If you feel like you aren’t getting enough sleep or that the quality of your sleep isn’t good, this is an area to consider looking at. You might need to change your bedtime routine, your bedroom environment, or your evening habits to make way for a better rest. Anxiety therapy in Orlando can help you develop a better plan for your overall health, including teaching you ways to deal with insomnia. Anxiety therapists in Orlando know what techniques work for stress, anxiety, and panic.

  5. Eat in ways you feel proud of

    While you are experiencing anxiety, it might be tempting to eat poorly. This can lead to feelings of guilt or shame which bring negative consequences of their own. Eating poorly can also lead to glucose spikes and drops which can mimic anxiety symptoms and contribute to the anxiety issue. You don’t have to start a new diet or eliminate foods, but you should eat sensibly and familiarize yourself with good foods. There are even some foods that have a natural calming effect and support healthy brain function.

  6. Pay attention to your breath

    Anxiety can induce hyperventilation which comes from excessive shallow breathing. Downloading a good mindfulness app to use daily, or learning Yoga breaths can be a great help. Reversing the shallow breath can actually stop panic in its tracks and begin to teach your body how to manage stress better.

Relief For Anxiety
Getting Help

You don’t have to suffer needlessly with anxiety. People often wait far too long before taking the much needed steps to getting the right help. Anxiety therapists in Orlando can help you develop a better plan and begin feeling relief for anxiety without medication. Don’t be shy,call today. You could end up asking yourself why you waited so long.

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