Feeling like Breaking Up? What Can You Do?

Feeling like Breaking Up? What Can You Do?

Feeling like Breaking Up? What Can You Do?

Sometimes, when the reality of a break-up and all that it entails hit you, you find yourself considering an exit. In our years of experience in helping people trying to avoid a break-up, individual therapy Orlando offers techniques to make that decision easier. Nobody, of course, wants to get out of a great relationship; it is usually the not-so-great, or even toxic relationship causing problems, that make people feel this way. Try to figure out if there are ways to make your partnership work and enjoyable again. Then if you have tried and failed at these things, you have more reason to find out how to end a relationship that isn’t working.

  • 1. Check for the things that need to change

    If you cannot identify problems, how can you know what to fix? Find out the reason why things are the way they are. If you are unhappy, find out what is making you miserable. It is when you know what the problem is that you can make attempts to fix it. Even in an individual therapy Orlando session, you need to tell the therapist what exactly the problem is. Are you craving for more attention? Independence? Emotional connection? Be specific with your needs.

  • 2. Communicate

    Your boyfriend, girlfriend husband or wife either has to be doing something, or you are doing something that is making you feel like leaving a toxic relationship. Whichever it is, make sure you discuss with your partner how you feel and see if the conversation can turn things around. Be open-minded and honest in the discussion. Do not give ultimatums or make threats; have a conversation towards working out your differences.

  • 3. Focus on the things YOU can change

    You have only little influence on your significant other, and you cannot make them change if they do not want to. How about you focus on the changes you can make and make them happen. This way, you'll know you are doing what you can for how to improve a relationship.

  • 4. Get rid of external influences or distractions

    If you must talk to anybody outside the relationship, it should be if you go for individual therapy in Orlando. Getting advice from friends and family can distract you from the goals you want to achieve if you take their advice. It may be your friends telling you that your boyfriend is probably never going to change. This can put thoughts of breaking up in your mind. It may also be a potential love interest distracting you from paying attention, and putting energy into how to fix a relationship, if it’s possible.

  • 5. Don't find a reason to leave

    People have left relationships just because they were experiencing something they didn't want and at the slightest window of opportunity, they found their way out of the commitment. Some even go as far as starting fights on purpose so the bond is damaged and they will have an excuse to leave. You should instead focus on the positives and put more energy into how to put your husband or wife first.

  • 6. Seek Help

    Going for individual therapy in Orlando can help you improve your relationship and see reasons to stay. At Orlando Thrive Therapy, we have professionals who can help you get your marriage or relationship back on track. Call 407 592 8997.

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