Effective Ways to Get Your Partner to Marriage Counseling in Orlando

Effective Ways to Get Your Partner to Marriage Counseling in Orlando

Effective Ways to Get Your Partner to Marriage Counseling in Orlando

By sanctity of human right, you cannot force anyone to do anything. Nevertheless, you can learn to understand and share your partner’s fear and worries concerning the marriage or relationship. No matter how difficult, you just have to try and address those under a process that favors both partners. The best way to do that is to seek counseling with a marriage therapist in Orlando.

But the problem; not everyone loves the notion of counseling. So, what happens if your partner is just that type of person? Well, in that case, you have to find out why your partner is refusing to see a marriage therapist in Orlando with you as his/her partner?

Reasons why some partners don’t want to come for counseling

  • Hate to be blamed for all the misfortune of the marriage or relationship
  • Afraid of being embarrassed in the presence of the counselor in Orlando
  • It is expensive
  • The belief and doctrine concept that couples are matured enough to resolve their challenges
  • Trying to avoid potential physical scuffle in the counselor’s office
  • Nothing good will come out of it
  • See nothing so serious or that wrong about the marriage relationship that demands this call, so you must be the one in need of help
  • There was a previous marriage or intimacy counseling that didn't turn out well, or your partner didn’t just like it.

Tips for getting your partner to counseling

  1. Pay attention & Place no blame

    One of the most effective means of compelling your partner to seek counseling with you is listening, Listen and Listen. Never interrupt or argue unnecessarily when you’re having such talk with your spouse. That would only make matters worse. With your heart and not your head, listen to what your partner is saying. Before you make any response, try stepping into partner’s shoe and see why she is making sense.

    Then proceed to inform your partner that you want to talk to him/her about something very critical. Something that is related to the marriage or relationship and doesn’t ever put the blame or her or him for anything. Ask if the time is right for a discussion?

  2. Make and get a commitment

    After you have agreed to talk, inform your partner that you are not going to interrupt him/her when talking and he/she will also do the same when is your turn to talk.

  3. Assurance

    Assure your partner that you are not in the least interested pointing accusing fingers on him/her. Tell her/ him that you’re aware it was both of you that created the relationship, and by everything you do, it will either succeed or fail.

  4. The need

    Tell him or her (if that’s right) that both of you have made all reasonable effort to ensure the marriage or relationship works out, but that you want it to succeed even more by taking it to the next level of fun, love, and happiness. Make it known that you would love the two of you to visit a marriage therapist in Orlando. Also state That such counseling would help you both to learn and get advice from a highly qualified, experienced and trustworthy professional.

Rounding up with assurance & Understanding

After that, you are to tell your partner what type counseling are you going for. Also, assure him that this isn’t all about blame or feeling shameful. That it doesn’t have anything to do with who is right or wrong. If he/she object, still not wanting to go, show an understanding and don’t push it further. Act curious and never argue with him/ her. In the end, he/she will come around.

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