Dealing with Domestic Violence

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Domestic violence does not go away. Most of the time, going for couples' therapy Orlando goes a long way in helping the situation. A good number of people in relationships, especially women are in toxic relationships with a violent partner, and the number keeps rising. Then you begin to wonder why exactly this continues to happen or why more women keep making up the numbers or even why those in these relationships cannot just walk away. It looks simple, but it is not that simple. First, let's look at the challenges and factors that make domestic violence thrive;

  • Total (financial) dependency on their partner
  • Lack of skills or education to pursue a career or job opportunity.
  • The threat of more violence or death if they leave the relationship or tell anyone about it.

Coupled with the above-listed violence, differences in personality and other differences lead to violence in relationships. If a man thinks women are the lesser and weaker sex that can be reprimanded or corrected with a slap, then domestic violence will continue to happen. This is not to say that men do not experience domestic violence; it is, however, more prevalent amongst women. At least one out of three women have experienced rape and physical violence plus other types of abuse.

Dealing with this problem

  • 1. Building Self-esteem and self-assertion

    If you are in a relationship where you constantly get abused, book a consultation for couples' therapy in Orlando. The first step is to develop higher self-esteem. When you have high self-esteem, you will know your worth and understand the need for you to be loved the right way. You will realize that you do not need the attention, validation, presence or approval of your partner to know what you are worth. Self-esteem is innate.

  • 2. Learn to set boundaries

    The way women are wired has them always putting the needs of other people above theirs. Dealing with the issue of domestic violence, you need to learn to out your own needs first. Let your partner know what makes you feel uncomfortable so he wouldn't do those things. It would be irrational for him to know what puts you in discomfort and he still goes ahead to do those things.

  • 3. Be educated on the different types of abuse.

    Abuse can come in different form and what you have been enduring may not come across to you as abuse unless you are informed about it. This is what couples' therapy in Orlando is for. You get the knowledge, and you get the help needed.

  • 4. Seek healthy support

    A great way to find strength is by interacting with people who have gone through similar experiences and have overcome. You may pick up one or more tips on how they won their struggles. A support group can help you heal better. Couples’ therapy in Orlando also helps.

  • 5. Resource Sharing

    As mentioned earlier, there are women who remain in abusive relationships because they have nowhere to go. They have no job, no education, no skill to fend for themselves and their children. So, they instead stick to a partner that maltreats them in exchange for shelter, food, and other things. There are centers that share resources with women going through domestic violence. These centers provide shelter, food, and clothing to cushion the effects of leaving such relationship until you find a way to fend for yourself.

Getting help is not so hard, it has the mind to seek help and sticking to it that counts. Book a Couples' therapy session today at Orlando Thrive Therapy as a first step in getting the freedom you deserve. Call 407 592 8997 for a free consultation.

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