Couples Therapy Orlando Or Should We Split Up?

Couples Therapy Orlando Or Should We Split Up?

Couples Therapy Orlando Or Should We Split Up?

How do you know if couples therapy Orlando will work for you? How can you tell if you should just split up? When you have invested a lot of time, energy, and love into a relationship, couples therapy is a good option to try before going your separate ways. Couples therapy may not always end in with a successful relationship. If couples therapy or marriage counseling in Orlando helps you get out of a toxic relationship, that can be a sign of success too.

If you have been in a relationship that has gotten stuck in a negative holding pattern, it’s time to reach out for help. You could turn to family and friends for advice but involving those people will put them in your relationship too. A marriage counselor or couples therapist is an objective, neutral expert on relationships. They have specific training on how to address issues related to being in a relationship. They can give you advice, tools, and strategies that will help you with each other and will also help you determine if the relationship is worth saving.

Issues in relationships can range from on-going fighting, loss of romance, jealousy, mistrust, or any other problems. Once the relationship has taken a turn for the worst, it can be hard to get out of the cycle. Getting the right help is a good step in ending negativity and learning better ways to handle the issue that are coming up.

Couples Therapy Orlando Can Help

Too much time in a relationship that is toxic can wreak havoc on a person. Anxiety, depression, sadness, frustration, loneliness, and feeling unloved are just some of the feelings you might experience. A marriage counselor or couples therapist can walk you through what is going wrong, when it started, and how to get things back on track. Some areas they focus on might include communication, intimacy, trust, respect, and misperceptions.

  • Communication Issues

    — Fighting a lot, trouble relating to one another, and emotional disconnect.
    — Withholding information, keeping silent, avoiding conversation, and not being present when exchanging information.
    — Talking “at” each other rather than “to” one another.
    — Using negative words or criticizing one another.

  • Intimacy Issues

    — Not being affectionate anymore, “turning cold,” or withholding intimacy.
    — Avoiding physical touch, contact, or physical connection.
    — Feeling neglected, alone, or uncared for.

  • Trust Issues

    — “Checking” up on each other, feeling like you don’t have privacy or have to prove things to one another.
    — Caught lying, finding out secrets, or not being told full truths.
    — Infidelity, cheating, emotional affairs, or putting more time into other relationships.

  • Respect Issues

    — Not showing appreciation, gratitude, or value for one another.
    — Taking advantage of situations.
    — Not caring about time, purpose, or roles.
    — Undermining behavior, communication or actions.

  • Misperceptions

    — Taking things personal, reading too much into things, or feeling like a “victim.”
    — Attributing blame on self, or the other person all the time.

Couples Therapy Orlando
How Do I Know It's Time To Let Go?

Couples therapy in Orlando doesn’t work overnight. You should expect to put time into exploring some of the topics mentioned above. You might come to the conclusion, in your couple’s sessions, that the above issues have been happening for a very long time. Couples therapy is a good place to discover when things started going wrong and how long its been this way. Relationship issues don’t normally appear until there has been a lot of time invested in each other. This is what makes it so difficult to just walk away.

Seeking the help of a professional relationship counselor and couple’s therapist in Orlando will give you insight into your relationship and yourself. You should expect to have sessions together, but also apart. This gives you each the ability to explore your contribution to the relationship and learn new ways of dealing with yourself and one another.

Couples Therapy Orlando
Helps You And Each Other

Couples therapy Orlando provides you with an objective, safe place to truly evaluate your relationship. Couples therapy gives you tools to quickly identify the areas on your relationship that need work. Couples therapy also teaches you new ways of doing things in your relationship. It empowers you as a couple and as individuals. The main goal is to help you get the insight you need to make a better decision together or alone.

Couples therapy also incorporates individual work. It is important for each person to have accountability in the relationship. While you are working with your therapist you will be gaining valuable knowledge on how to handle relationships better, how to handle yourself better, and how to prevent relationship issues from happening again. Depending on what is discovered in couples therapy, you may learn that it is time to separate from the current relationship and apply what have learned to your next one.

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